Technical Support Requests - Please read this before posting!

Ask here if you experience technical problems with X4: Foundations.

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Technical Support Requests - Please read this before posting!

Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 30. Nov 18, 00:19

Welcome to the Technical Support Forum for X4: Foundations (only). This forum is intended for your use in situations where the game does not run, has stability issues, has poor performance or where you feel that the game has stopped doing what the developers intended for it to be doing. Please do not use this forum to ask gameplay and technique questions as these will be moved or locked.


Crash Errors Table

If you experience a game crash with an error number associated with it, you can find more information related to it in the Crash Errors and Information table. Further information with troubleshooting steps for possible solutions is also available on the linked page for each code.


Required Information in all Technical Support Requests

Please ensure that you provide the following information for all questions posted in this Technical Support forum.
  • Version and language (e.g. 1.0 English, etc.).
  • Whether or not your game is modified using any third party scripts or mods (see note below).
  • Game start being played.
  • Exact nature of the problem, where and when it occurs and what you were doing at the time.
  • Any possibly relevant changes you have made to your game, system, or software before the issue occurred.
  • Where appropriate, additional symptoms, error messages, links to screenshots and crash dump files (see this FAQ entry).
  • Your system specifications in the form of a DxDiag report and vulkaninfo (see this FAQ entry).
Failure to provide all this information will make it pretty much impossible for people to help you and may mean that it takes longer for your problem to be identified and hopefully solved. So please don't waste your own time and everyone else's by just posting something like "My game freezes. Help!!!".

Please generally restrict each Technical Support Request to just one issue topic as described in the thread title (threads listing various and disparate issues are rarely helpful).

If you are supplying information that will not conveniently fit into posts in this forum (approx 70,000 character limit per post), in the worst case you can split long text files across 2 consecutive posts, or ideally you can upload the data to a reputable public fileshare site (a few examples are Google Drive, DropBox or PasteBin, etc) but please don't use sites that spam advertising or require registration for downloads.

Note: If your game is modified in any way, whether via a third party script or mod, or via changes you have made yourself, you will almost certainly be asked to reproduce the problem in an unmodified game before full support can be provided. Support for third party modifications must be provided by the authors of those modifications, and any requests for such support should be posted in the appropriate thread in the Scripts and Modding forum.


Adding To Or Supporting Others' Technical Support Requests

If you can offer some relevant assistance, advice or insight into another's support request then feel free to do so.

However, technical issues other than consistent game bugs rarely come from identical causes even when their symptoms may appear to be very similar. For this reason, please do not just add 'Me too' posts to threads as these are of little or no help in identifying and correcting the issues.

If you have such a seemingly similar non-gameplay issue as others and would like to assist fully then please start your own technical support request thread providing all the information as requested about your own game and system. You may include links to other threads if you feel that would help.

If it later becomes obvious that the same issues and causes are again being reported then a forum official may indeed merge or cross-link such related reports.


Bumping Threads, Asking When an Issue will be Fixed, and Off Topic Discussions

Bumping threads, adding 'When will this be fixed?' posts that give no further information about the issue in question, and any misuse of the 'reporting' function are all against forum rules and considered as poor manners within Technical Support. Such posts or reports will be removed without further notification and, in the case of repeated instances, the instigator may be warned or some other appropriate sanction applied. Discussion of topics not related directly to the issue being reported in a thread are strongly discouraged and may also be removed without further notification.


X4: Foundations - Vulkan Graphics Driver Requirements

Whatever make and model of Vulkan-capable graphics card you are using to play X4: Foundations, it is strongly advised that you install the latest release version driver suitable for your card and Operating System to ensure that the game's requirements are met and to better provide optimum gameplay and enjoyment. Vulkan is better in many ways than earlier graphics APIs but is somewhat fussy about driver versions and can simply refuse to work at all with even relatively new, but still out of date, drivers.

Trying out even newer beta Vulkan-capable driver versions is quite acceptable as long as users are prepared to roll-back to the latest release version if their gameplay experience worsens significantly with the beta driver.


Optional Convention for Technical Support Opening Post Titles

It would be extremely helpful if your opening post title contained some concise information to help flag the problem to the correct people. This is optional for you but might speed up your getting a response. It may also happen that forum officials adjust your opening post title during the course of investigation and assistance. A suggested convention for thread titles is in the following examples:

(Note the 5.x is the played game version number if known):

5.x BUG Concise description of bug. - The post contains bug details of what, when and where in the game, plus why you think this a game bug rather than normal play.
5.x CTD Concise description of action before crash. - The post contains details of what you were doing and attempting to do next when it crashed together with any crash report details.
5.x BSOD Concise description of action before BSOD. - The post contains details of what you were doing and attempting to do next when it blue screened together with any BSOD screen information.
5.x FREEZE Concise description of action at time of freeze. - The post contains details of what you were doing at the time of the freeze or hang and how you escaped it.
5.x LAG Concise description of gameplay location at start of severe lag. - The post explains the circumstances and game situation leading up to the start of severe lag or very low frames per second (fps).
5.x Concise description of type of problem. - The post explains the details of any other sort of technical support problem (for example a suspected hardware or driver suitability or performance issue).

All must contain the full game and system information listed further above!


Thank you for your attention to the above advice. :)
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