Declare War Reversal

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Declare War Reversal

Post by JonathanVQP » Thu, 8. Apr 21, 06:17

I have a mission whereby I have to hack the repair terminal in an Argon Refined Goods Complex I. The problem is that I declared war with this faction many many hours ago and so I cannot land on this Argon station! Is it possible to reverse the Declare War option?

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Re: Declare War Reversal

Post by Arvel » Thu, 8. Apr 21, 11:24

Just raise your reputation with them by killing their enemies in sectors they control.

I was at -30 with ANT and ARG because I declared war and seized control of Antigone Memorial, but am now at around +12 after killing HOP in their sectors for a bit. (Of course, now HOP hates me, but eh... They're Paranids, who cares.)

You will be able to declare war again to instantly drop your relations to -30 again should you choose.

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