4.0 hf1 Game crashing in random times

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4.0 hf1 Game crashing in random times

Post by Krisz984 » Sun, 22. Nov 20, 21:47


I updated to the latest beta, and now my game is crashing in random times.
Its from steam.
Im uploading my crash dump,dxdiag and save.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

If you have any solution then pls share with me.


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Re: 4.0 hf1 Game crashing in random times

Post by Archaeosis » Sun, 22. Nov 20, 23:07

Seeing fairly common random crashes here, including during autosaves, probably ever 30-40 mins or so. Leaving the game in SETA seems to quite reliably have one occur after 20 minutes or so but there's no particular trigger I can see. The crash dumps seem to be uploaded automatically. Never had problems with X4 crashing before, unmodified game of course.

The only specific case I've seen is crashes when capital ships are destroyed when viewing them in 3rd person camera - noted here already.

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Re: 4.0 hf1 Game crashing in random times

Post by yakavetta » Wed, 25. Nov 20, 11:37

Same thing. Especially during seta - after having auto save set to 20-40 the first auto save may work and the second after 80 minutes gameplay it will crash after save. Even with autosave set off and tried to use non compressed saving it crashes. Just sit there let it seta and it will crash on an auto save or manual save after 20 minutes through seta. Also crashes if you save after having left seta.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JMQYgZ ... sp=sharing

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