[3.30 + SV] Boarding attack strength bug

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[3.30 + SV] Boarding attack strength bug

Post by Scoob » Sat, 1. Aug 20, 16:39


I just commenced a boarding operation. I have 20 Veteran Marines on my ship and I sent 12 over to board the target. This gave a little over 800 Boarding Attack Strength. I didn't check the operation again until the Marines said they were through the hull and the objective changed to protect the target. Checking their progress my Boarding Attack Strength had gone up to over 1,300. This is because rather than saying "Attacking Marines: 12 / 33" it said "Attacking Maines: 20 / 33" - it was counting the Marines still on my ship who were not part of the boarding operation. Note: the 33 is of course to total number of crew spots on the target, which is a "HOP Gas Miner Chthonios (Gas) Sentinel".

This is good for me of course, but still broken. Can others verify...assuming you want to lol.

No save, modded game, sorry.


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