invisible lockbox from a mission

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invisible lockbox from a mission

Post by Oloka » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 20:29

Version and language :
1.5 English/Steam

Whether or not your game is modified using any third party scripts or mods:

Game start being played:
the first from the top, do not remember what was it, started in 1.5 version.

Exact nature of the problem, where and when it occurs and what you were doing at the time:
1 of 2 lockboxes being part of salvage missions is not visible. I can provide a save game if necessary. Mision cannot be completed. Lockbox is marked as an unknow object even if i am a few meters from it. Spacesuite - still not visible.

Any possibly relevant changes you have made to your game, system, or software before the issue occurred:

Where appropriate, additional symptoms, error messages, links to screenshots and crash dump files (see this FAQ entry):

Your system specifications in the form of a DxDiag report and vulkaninfo (see this FAQ entry):
I will provide if necessary

p.s. If you need more information, please let me know.

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Re: invisible lockbox from a mission

Post by mr.WHO » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 20:58

I had such invisible lockbox once - what is funny - if you change to third person view the lockbox become visible (but if you get back to first person in will be invisible again).

I managed to shoot the lock in third person after like 5 minutes of pointing my gun in right spot :).

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Re: invisible lockbox from a mission

Post by radcapricorn » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 21:15

Judging by the symptoms described by Oloka and addendum by mr. WHO, similar can happen with ships as well (video not mine, obviously).

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Re: invisible lockbox from a mission

Post by rrasto » Sat, 13. Apr 19, 21:32

2.50 Beta - invisible lockboxes are still here:
But you can finish mission. Just order your pilot to collect lockbox and teleport yourself to another sector.

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Re: invisible lockbox from a mission

Post by CBJ » Mon, 15. Apr 19, 14:18

Please provide a savegame showing the problem.

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