The AI's inability to fly with you.

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Re: The AI's inability to fly with you.

Post by taztaz502 » Thu, 13. Jan 22, 17:36

It's funny because the Ai you get at the start of the Terran campaign follows you perfectly and behaves how a wingman should.... so it's not that they can't fix it.

Also even for Ai fleets it's terrible 9/10 your ships will enter combat one by one and be torn to pieces, I've suggested a system similar to freelancer multiple times where ships "Lock" in formation basically mimicking each others movements until they enter combat.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing huge fleets flying together., this should be serious priority before everything else incl the next DLC. as it makes most ships useless early game and just plain frustrating late game.

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Re: The AI's inability to fly with you.

Post by max17 » Fri, 14. Jan 22, 17:33

Poacher886 wrote:
Fri, 7. Jan 22, 15:33
Personally after 150hr's at this sim, i find this the single most frustrating thing. I can't believe its still an issue especially when in X3 it worked just fine.!

If i set my wings to follow or defend etc they simply fly 5-10k behind me then stop after a few seconds until i exit the system! how can they possible defend me if their 10km away! or indeed the other side of the sector..!!?

In x3 they would fly INSIDE 1km and typically closer, would to some extent hold formation, and weve about in a convincing manor, why after 3yrs of this sim is this still not possible.

By the time my wing has caught up, the battle's over !!
And here I thought I was doing something wrong with the game :D Glad to finally know that it wasn't my fault to not understand how this worked!

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Re: The AI's inability to fly with you.

Post by BigBANGtheory » Fri, 14. Jan 22, 20:31

bringing X3 into the topic isn't helpful imho

the fact is if you issue an order be it a formation from the UI on fighter class ships or battlecruisers it should just work... from my experience it kinda works and is annoying but not game breaking.

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Re: The AI's inability to fly with you.

Post by alt3rn1ty » Fri, 14. Jan 22, 22:46

I'm kind of hoping ES do for X4 what they did for X3TC, early game development for X3TC in the first couple of years Wings were introduced but suffered from some bad formation flying on the AIs part (there was a mod by X Freak Cartman, namely FCS MkIII, turned wingmen into a ballet, the games AI driven pilots were a bit Auto-Pilock in comparison regularly bumping off the side of the player ship / gates etc).
Later though ES development of X3TC fine tuned the AI pilots as wingmen into something quite decent.
Fingers crossed they do the same for X4, and maybe finally sort out the awful AI approach to enclosed wharf docks, and the odd moments of slamming into asteroids / gate structures which still happen occasionally (not as much as they used to because ES have already tried to address some of these issues already).
Honestly though, compaired with what we used to have in X2 The threat and X3 Reunion, AI pilots are a lot better these days considering how much our CPUs are doing in X4, its quite an amazing game.
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