[Request] More than one ship loadout

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Max Bain
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[Request] More than one ship loadout

Post by Max Bain » Wed, 13. Jan 21, 20:59

Actually, we can define ship loadout the AI uses. Most Xenon ships do have a default ship layout and so they allways have a fixed layout. This can also be used for other races and if the player buys such a ship with a fixed layout, it will be equipped by default (except minimum preset) with the modules from this layout.

While this is pretty good, I would like to be able to define more than one layout the AI is chosing from. Maybe with some kind of weight. So I can define a missile gunboat loadout and a normal turret loadout for a special ship and the game will pick the one with a chance of 20% and the other one with 80%.

I think this could be used to make races and ships more diverse and also more logical. Right now the turrets are all randomly chosen.

So my wish:

Add the ability to define several layouts in the ship.macro file with a weight parameter. The default one will define the layout for the ship builder menu for the player.
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