[Suggestion][QOL] Assign Ship Orientation in Map Screen

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[Suggestion][QOL] Assign Ship Orientation in Map Screen

Post by Shambles123245 » Thu, 17. Sep 20, 04:08

I would really like to see an option to have ships rotate precisely to where I want them to. Think of it as an implementation similar to how you can move map-markers for assigned orders through dragging them over the map-view, but instead of movement etc, it would allow you to have a ship rotate on the spot.

Honestly, in engagements which rely on the fixed/forward facing mounts on anything bigger than a fighter there always seems to be some way for the AI not to be facing towards the enemy. Especially when you are engaging moving targets from the sides/above/below there is no way to adjust pitch/yaw without issuing entirely new movement orders and likely disrupting your attack orders/assigned targets in the process.

Since I don´t necessarily see the AI figuring this out on it´s own I would like to propose a kind of critical-priority rotate-command, which on the map-view would just be right-clicking an active order (e.g. "Hold-Position", but you can turn a Cerberus´ Top toward the enemy, or rotate that one out-of-position behemoth, so its main guns can actually engage). The priority is key to maintaining your other orders and would be handled like any "Undock" or, if at all possible just be automatically placed at the top of the assigned orders.

I´ve seen this done in games like Supreme Commander(-FA), where you would select large amounts of units and while right-clicking be able to rotate their formation. In this instance you´d only need to rotate the fleets flagship for the rest to naturally follow via the formation-settings.

Aside from making the command-via-map more intuitive I can see this being a welcome bandaid to a problem I feel has been plaguing fleet combat for a while now.

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