Station Building wares

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Station Building wares

Post by Accuracy » Thu, 17. Sep 20, 00:55

I would like to ask whether there is an efficient way to automate station building. I mostly have to assign my traders to get the relevant wares there manually and it takes time.
In remote sectors even assigning multiple traders to the build storage simply makes them idle instead of trade. I believe the problem is the short 5 jump range.

Do you have any suggestions how to make this process less problematic?

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Re: Station Building wares

Post by pref » Thu, 17. Sep 20, 01:17

In my game early claytronics and hull parts were pretty rare.
My first bigger plex was 20x for both. Ever since it's more or less automatic. I always built stations within the 5 cluster range though.

Best is to build more such stations if you have to spread out your builds, that also boosts friendly factions and helps on longer term.

You can also assign a distribute ware fleet to claytronics/hull/weapons/shields with the same blacklist, and change the target sector when you start a new build.

Or you could build trade stations and forward the wares where it's needed. 3-4 should be enough to cover the full map.

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