After Xenon's sector destroyed, will it be rebuilt?

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Re: After Xenon's sector destroyed, will it be rebuilt?

Post by BigBANGtheory » Tue, 30. Jun 20, 00:27

I dont think its that because I can see the build storage is full i.e. its not waiting for a trade or ware delivery. I've got a hunch the problem maybe the constructors unable to pass through hostile sectors and/or taking a dumb route and getting themselves killed. What makes me suspicions that something isnt working right is the fact I've had a constructor in sector looking for build trades and the faction hasn't given the job to them...

There is no way to tell, I look at the currently assigned constructors (those that are busy) non of them seem to hired to do the job but like many people I don't have every inch of the map satellite covered. I think there maybe a mod to remove the fog of war I might need to do that

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Re: After Xenon's sector destroyed, will it be rebuilt?

Post by pref » Wed, 1. Jul 20, 02:24

BigBANGtheory wrote:
Mon, 29. Jun 20, 17:03
in the case of the shipyard I have filled their entire build storage with wares. Maybe they are waiting for some other structure to finish I don't know
That will only allow expansion of the shipyard, ime the best way to make them build more stations is to let them have plenty mats to buy.
Possible that faction AI considers available production capacity when deciding on station builds. At least they increased station builds a lot when i started selling them hull parts and claytronics without my traders delivering anything to them.

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