Placement of defnce Stations.

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Placement of defnce Stations.

Post by SPiDER » Thu, 14. Mar 19, 23:28

I saw in the The support thread someone had posted some screenies of an ARG defence platfom placed right in the superhighway at the begining of HAT 1.
Which made me remember how damn difficult it was to find a reasonable plot by the Tharka's Gate.
The Xenon used to come straight out of the gate and head for the factory opposite ( in my game its one of those illusive engine part factory's ) so I wanted to get a plot in front of it and build my defense platform there.But it was not available all red in front of or close the the gate to Tharka's,Silent witness and the accelerator to Hat 3 so I had to do with a plot to the right of the Tharka's gate.However I noticed the other day that the damn Xenon have built a defense station right where I wanted to whilst I was off elsewhere doing station stuff.....How come NPC's can do it?

Anyone else had this????

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Re: Placement of defnce Stations.

Post by phrozen1 » Thu, 14. Mar 19, 23:37

sounds like the xenon have claimed that plot before you did ;)

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Re: Placement of defnce Stations.

Post by radcapricorn » Fri, 15. Mar 19, 12:52

Stations in the highways, asteroids in the highways, huge ships in the highways, it's all been there already back in Rebirth. I don't think that the NPC station placement algorithm strictly abides by the rules, and sometimes it just... fails.
Hell, you can even bend the rules yourself, at least at the moment, by pasting a massive pre-designed station into a tiny plot, or copy-pasting sections that end up poking through the limits.

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