What are your opinions of X3 VR?

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What are your opinions of X3 VR?

Post by longi » Wed, 29. Jun 22, 00:26

I've just started playing X2 (again!) for the third time and as much as I love the game and, even though I didn't complete it I've just found X3 VR. So, I was wondering if it was worth picking up or just trying something else. I racked up 50+ hours on X2 before I got stuck not being able to afford a new shield for my cargo ship and moved onto fps games. Anyway having played Elite Dangerous in VR and liking it to a certain extent, I've alway found that I missed the X2 experience. Not that I expect X2 to be the same as X3 VR.

Flying spaceships in VR I've found to be a truly wonderful experience. Elite lacks the soundtrack & the combat is well.... Turd! I must admit I wasn't wowed by ED's graphics either & much preferred the X universe graphics.

So what are your thoughts on the game? What do you like & dislike about it?

Thanks ahead.

Alan Phipps
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Re: What are your opinions of X3 VR?

Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 29. Jun 22, 09:21

This thread might better explain X Rebirth VR in the grand scheme of X games (ie it is not an X3 game). Other VR players will no doubt go on to explain their likes and dislikes about it, but there are many older threads that you could find such as this one.

There may be slightly different experiences depending upon the VR system you have.
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Re: What are your opinions of X3 VR?

Post by Bruddel » Wed, 6. Jul 22, 09:02

x3 was not the game i connected to.

in short
X Rebirth VR its really good.

the plus:
Grafic have aged well
the dimension comes good across
the universedesign is great
the sound design and music are good
the mods which are there, is a good addition, so you can form X Rebirth to your preferences
the gamemechanics works well, including combat, trading, building ect....

the minus:
Menus are clunky, and needs time to get used to
Gamepad works really well, Controllers not
(edit) Bugs in Missions descriptions, and progress

according to steamstatistic
X4 i spend time 505 hours now (great game)
X Rebirth VR its 457 hours (also a really good game, when you can live with the menus and some bugissues, nothing really gamebreaking)

with mods which are posted here in the forum, you can bring the X Rebirth (flatscreen) Universe (Original Layout) back, including the storyline

that it

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