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Is the Vannilla mod just buggy.

Posted: Fri, 3. Dec 21, 00:08
by brotherofbuff
I downloaded the Vanilla Mod I think the way instructed on this forum. I did add tons of mods from rebirth that some people instructed you just have to delete steam parts from the XML which worked on some and others like adding NPC to the station did not work even though it says the mod is on.

My problem is that the videos produced no sound and I got to the point missions did not work like when I got to the trade run mission early on the game where you have to deliver 100 energy cells and talk to some lady name Debra. But in the VR it just says talk to and then ends blank.

Do yall think it has to do with too much mods or i didn't install the original Vanilla mods properly? I know Yisha not showing up has no solution but I atleast would like to progress the story line.

I may just pass on the Vanilla Mod if it doesnt work and just play the regular X Rebirth with mods on VORPX which has some graphical issues on there but still very fun and immersive.

Re: Is the Vannilla mod just buggy.

Posted: Fri, 3. Dec 21, 11:07
by brotherofbuff
I found out I didnt install the EGO VR files properly based on the instructions. I put it in properly and even with my saves, the game is working. Only problem I have now which I havent heard anyone say is that the story line videos does not produce a voice.