Basic question from a beginner

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Basic question from a beginner

Post by Malanar » Fri, 24. Sep 21, 23:39

Hello guys, had this game for so many time on my library so i decided to give it a try. Being fun so far.
Got some beginners questions, here they go:
1 - I got the X Rebirth VR, does it come with both DLC (Home of Light and Teladi Outpost)? O if i buy them they will work in VR?
2 - I activated some trade agents on stations using smaltalk minigame, how can i tell where are they?
3 - After you smaltalk to someone can you do it again later for more benefits?
4 - I bough some marines, where can i see how many i have and their lvl?
5 - I captures a small ship and put a pilot in it, then i lost it. Is there any feedback when that happened?
6 - Any easy way to see the hull of my fleet?
7 - There is any way to disable left mouse button to move my ship (change direction)? and the wheel to accelerate and deaccelerate? Im using a hotas here.
8 - On plataform, is there anyway to keep the mouse pointer on all the time. Everytime it disappears an i try to change direction or click on something there is a huge delay. I dont use my oculus touch controllers for the game.
9 - Didnt find many mods on steam for the VR edition. Is there another place to look at?
10 - When i approach one of those icons to land on a statio, it lists many NPCs, but i see only one or 2 after i landed. I think they are behind the doors, is that possible?. Anyway tokeep those doors opened?
I think thats a good start, any help?

Alan Phipps
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Re: Basic question from a beginner

Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 25. Sep 21, 19:02

X Rebirth VR is in its own cut-down galaxy that better suited the (then) typical user system VR capabilities and so does not get or use the standard game DLCs.
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Re: Basic question from a beginner

Post by Bruddel » Tue, 12. Oct 21, 17:11

late to this but here ...
the both DLC are included: However the galaxy is a cut down, so there are not all stations / NPCs around, like in the original Version.(like Alan mentioned)

The original Version can be restored, including the campain with mods.
Didnt you talk to them ? so there they are .. . Or i didn´t fetch exactly what you mean
I think that was possibly. The smalltalk are started from the NPC, just i never waited for that.
that should be visible under the property / Albion / Details
when your ship gets in trouble the radiocall you, it could be possible that it was to fast destroyed. However in logbook there should be an entry.
The hull of a fleet ?, no. just the hull of the individuell ships
7 + 8
Cant help with that, using Gamepad, which works great with X
Well there is this forum, steam, like you mentioned, and Nexusmods.
Right, well with the open the door mod, you will regonise that behind the doors are no NPC´s. Its specially uncool, when you not find your quest NPC to proceed. (in my case it could be also a mod, which caused this issue)


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