Symbols Above the NPC Heads "P" "C"

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Symbols Above the NPC Heads "P" "C"

Post by Dexatronn » Sat, 4. Jul 20, 17:54

I've Been playing X rebirth VR addition for about a month now...and I must say I'm loving every min of it. Bravo EgoSoft . You did a wonderful Job. There is one thing i can't seem to figure out...When I request docking and land at a station there are NPC's There to meet me. They have symbols above there head with either a P or Sometimes a P & C...what does the "P" and the "C" stand for..Just Wondering.


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Re: Symbols Above the NPC Heads "P" "C"

Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 4. Jul 20, 18:38

Signs - meaning:
Ⓟ - fighter crew (e.g. engineers, pilots)
Ⓒ - capital crew (e.g. engineers, defence officers)
● - [N / A]
▼ - station crew (e.g. managers, defence officers)
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