HL: Alyx added over a million new VR users, many of them on Rift S... y'all should support that

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HL: Alyx added over a million new VR users, many of them on Rift S... y'all should support that

Post by Tolmos » Fri, 8. May 20, 03:56

Right now, there are only a total of 3 VR space sandboxes available that I am aware of:

Elite Dangerous, which allows you to fly 1 ship at a time and is primarily focused on that gameplay
No Man's Sky which had VR shoehorned in and, while a good game, currently struggled on the VR front
X Rebirth which is the only X like VR game I know of.

Tons of people now own new headsets (https://www.roadtovr.com/steam-survey-v ... -life-alyx) that they want to make use of, and have been stuck indoors for who knows how long. Summer break is coming up for kids and college students, and some of them may see X Rebirth and go "Oh man, that looks really cool!" And it is... until they realize X Rebirth doesn't support the Rift S.

Look, I know that y'all (Egosoft) view this game as a poor investment, but VR is just now REALLY picking up. You've already invested the cash to put this thing out, the very least you could do is keep it patched for new headsets and controls once in a blue moon so that it can keep generating revenue. It makes no sense to abandon VR now, when the industry is booming so hard that neither it nor the HOTAS or USB steering wheel industries can keep up. Nearly every type of VR headset, affordable stick/throttle and steering wheel is completely sold out and has been since WELL before the quarantine, going back to last October.

For the love of all that's holy... do yourselves, and the many potential players who keep bitching about this game not supporting the Rift S, a favor and stick a dev on this while the going is still good. Lets put X rebirth VR back on the radar! Because right now it is filling a niche that no one else is.

PS: Modern machines can handle the full X Rebirth in VR now. Feel free to add that in, too, so that they can share more resources and maps.

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Re: HL: Alyx added over a million new VR users, many of them on Rift S... y'all should support that

Post by Franc Kaos » Wed, 3. Jun 20, 14:53

Gotta agree with this sentiment. It feels like an abandoned (tho' fully priced) game and maybe Egosoft didn't make much money out of it at launch but it looks like VR is taking off (thanks Alyx) but there's a few things they could do:
Add in the main campaign
Fix the Fusion Reactor / ReinforcedMetalPlating shortages due to being at war with Plutarch that still plagues the game
Bring back the external camera - you do know that every space show in existence always has plenty of external shots of the ship flying thru space for a reason, reason being we space nerds like watching our ships flying thru space, VR or no VR

C'mon devs; show X Rebirth some much needed love (or, yknow, release X4VR :o)

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Re: HL: Alyx added over a million new VR users, many of them on Rift S... y'all should support that

Post by Erilaz » Sat, 14. Nov 20, 10:48

Played that too and finished it, very nice. Also played X3+dlcs, X4+dlcs through. I prefer flying in space to fps, but that's me. I got Rift S and very recently got XR VR (4.3 hf2), no problem in Oculus VR mode and smooth on medium settings (i7 24gbram gtx1060-3gb).

I used to play hotas way back when so for vr and gesture control (my fav now), I used some of the 5 save slots for custom controls bindings while figuring out what I wanted.

ROV drones (Remote Operated) like Beholder etc to fly around looking at the ship is a treat ;)

The thought occurred to me to perhaps swivel my chair to the other side and reset view so my rl keyboard is where the cockpit keyboard is more or less, could be good fun. Sometimes I roll my rl chair back a bit for sideview, so maybe being able to move / remove cockpit chair backrest without moving the armrest panels would be good but I only really look down to point click the panels.

Maybe it's older but it's still awesome, just what I wanted. XR VR is a huge universe (been 50-100 hrs in vr so far, ie. not switched to my 144hz pancake view) and is very easily my most played VR title yet and will be playing more. Unless some other larger later X titles with more recent features somehow go into VR, with the combat the gfx level can even stay the same as XR VR it's still better than some more recent vr titles out there.

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Re: HL: Alyx added over a million new VR users, many of them on Rift S... y'all should support that

Post by brotherofbuff » Fri, 3. Dec 21, 03:22

I wish at least the mod community patch this game up to speed via workshop so it will be easy for more casual players to get the fullest experience. I been trying to mod and decipher how to do this but the tutorials are slim. No you tube video instructions. The full campaign should be there with more npc in stations since the newer VR dont have the same motion sickness as when this came out. Right now the mod campaign is buggy and no Tisha.

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