A question about this title..

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A question about this title..

Post by JonnyRocket72 » Sun, 26. Apr 20, 04:32


I was checking out a video and noticed that there wasn't any docking or take-off emersion in the video. Is this the case in the game?


Alan Phipps
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Re: A question about this title..

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 26. Apr 20, 12:24

I don't really know what you mean by 'emersion'.

Yes you can manually fly to the docking platform, or you can use autopilot to get close to the dock. Once the ship is docked (ie close enough), you can trigger a live cutscene that shows you leaving the pilot's chair to get to the docked ship's ramp and where you enter the station. Take-off is similar but reversed with a live cutscene of you entering the pilot's chair. (By live, I mean with the correct live space background.)

In effect there are two different player ship models present during docking/undocking - the one you fly in space and the one docked on the station. You effectively transition between the two during the cutscenes. You get used to the transition and don't really notice anything odd after a few station visits.
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