Oculus Link Bêta / Quest

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Oculus Link Bêta / Quest

Post by Domyos » Wed, 25. Dec 19, 12:05


I bought XRVR on Steam. I am using an Oculus Quest headset with the Link. I know that the Link currently works in beta, but there seems to be a jerky image only in oculus and tactile mode perfectly taken into account. however in Vive mode the image works well, but touch does not work. I have to start the adventure and your work seems superb. Do we have hope for the Oculus Link?

in advance thank you, and merry christmas everyone

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Re: Oculus Link Bêta / Quest

Post by JonnyRocket72 » Mon, 29. Jun 20, 15:45

Yeah, this has just been stated in the steam discussions.. The Oculus link specifically.. You're not the only one.. One solution is to load the steam version with the headset off. Then put it back on when the music starts playing. Doesn't work for me because I get a 223 error.

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