Finally played it, and I like it...

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Finally played it, and I like it...

Post by LucyBlue » Mon, 25. Nov 19, 00:19

I bought the regular version back when it came out but never played it because I lost my HOTAS.

I just got an Oculus CV1 last month and decided to give it a try, but found out that the VR edition is a separate purchase, when I thought it would be an update. I eventually bit the bullet and purchased this game. It was a toss up between it and ED. I did a lot of research and had known that the game's taken a lot of flak for not letting you fly more than one craft.

I chose XR because my search shows that the story is more easily accessed and is basically handed to you. After several days of nothing but Xenon incursions, I wondered where narrative is. I went looking and found that it was disabled and can be reenabled with a few kilobytes of extensions. So installed those.

I can see why the campaign was disabled, but I can't see why it was LEFT disabled. If you can play the game AT ALL, then the few minor cutscenes that lock the camera orientation won't make much of a difference, especially if the camera's orientation isn't locked.

That said, I enjoy the campaign on VR a lot more than the minor annoyance of the cutscenes being locked into a specific orientation.

The thing about not being able to fly more than one craft doesn't really bother me. Yes, getting new ships was a huge part of why I liked the original X games, but the Skunk is such a versatile ship, especially once I got access to Mk3 plasma and Mk2 meson that I'm left wondering why I'd want any other craft. I actually did a TON of exploring to gain access to the bigger stuff in campaign mode early on. I explored all of Albion, DeVries, Maelstrom, Home of Light, Cold Star, as much of Torride as I could, and some of Fields of Opportunity pretty much as soon as DeVries became unlocked. With Mk.IV Behemoth Shields, Equalized Engines, and the aforementioned weapons, I find that it's next to impossible for me to not come out of a fire fight without taking any physical damage unless I'm going up against something with what I call "cheater weapons" like Xenon, who can damage you even through your shields.

I'm faster than almost anything, tougher than almost anything, and I take on Very Hard "kill the criminal" missions like it was nothing. I don't even bother killing the escort. I just circle strafe the big ship and wail on it with a Mk III plasma cannon, then boost out of there and collect my 2-3 million.

I get the whole not liking being able to fly every ship thing. I really do, but... this isn't that kind of game. It's balanced in such a way that you don't need to. I would say that if you view it as not an actual X game, but rather a game set in the X universe, then it's not so bad.

My main complaint is being forced to hear a male voice representing myself in VR. It's very... well, I'm female, and let's just say it makes me feel weird, and not in a good way. But that's basically the case for nearly any VR game. It was a minor annoyance in pancake games, and it's a whole order of magnitude worse in VR.

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Re: Finally played it, and I like it...

Post by bakterius » Wed, 4. Dec 19, 14:09

Good to hear you like it. When i have oculus cv1 i realy enjoy this game, but as iam write in other thread, i buyed Valve index and i cant enjoy fully, because no native support for index controllers. Probaly when Valve anouce Half Life allyx, lot of people buy Index and probaly want buy this game too.. Its will be very nice if devs can offer some time for native support and spread this game for more players.. Unlock campagn probaly too :-)
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