Changing Oculus Rift Touch control setup is confusing

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Changing Oculus Rift Touch control setup is confusing

Post by lsitongia » Sat, 1. Sep 18, 03:06

I can't figure out how to change the control settings. I know how to get into the control configuration table. There are three columns. The first is self-explanatory. The second is the current setting. What is the third? Labels would help a lot. Anyway, when I click on the cell of the control I want to change, it goes blank and shows a cursor. What do I do now? Lots of clicking changed the settings to the wrong thing, and I don't see a pattern in what changes it.

For example, I want to reverse up and down with the right stick. I'm in the Controls: General Controls table. I click on the Steer Up-Down row in the second cell. It goes blank. I can't scroll in that for choices. It doesn't take the next action I perform as the new setting. Somehow, my Steer Left-Right cell now says Right Yaw.

Are these Analog settings for Gestures or switches? Digital is?

In the Steering: Digital section, everything is N/A.

Wow, this is frustrating. These menus are not intuitive and I can't find instructions. I don't see it in the official manual, FAQ, forums...

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Mavo Pi
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Post by Mavo Pi » Sat, 1. Sep 18, 08:38

Yes, the controller configuration menu can be frustrating. The third column is an alternate key to execute the same command. N/A means it is not assigned. The problem with the touch controls is just touching a button, thumb rest or trigger can execute a command so you would have to touch the button you want to assign before clicking on the command and then press the button on the controller. This takes some experimenting and getting used to when changing the controls.

To inverse up/down scroll down to the controller/joystick section in the control menu and select invert axis. There you can invert steering up/down and the other axes (I'm on german language so I don't know the exact names on english settings).

I would also advice to set next surface element to the y button on the left controller because it is very useful to snipe down capital ship turrets. The drones can still be launched by using the sidebar menu ( menu button on left controller).

You can save and load controller profiles. So if you screw up scroll all the way down in the control settings and reset the controls by load profile-> default - controller. If you succesfully assigned a button save your profile so you won't have to restart setting everything up.

One special thing about x rebirth is that it uses the thumb rests for commands. The left thumb rest is used to reset the view while the right one is used for gesture steering. This is done very well and I only use the touch controllers for playing the game.

Edit: For me there are some things assigned in digital steering:
- Full reverse: Grip left
- Turbo: Left Stick press
- Gesture Control: Right thumb rest

If you like you can download my controller profile from here: ... 1.xml?dl=0
just put the file into the Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth VR folder and load the touch controller profile.

If you don't want to have to hold the throttle down for long travels you can add <stickyfullthrottle>true</stickyfullthrottle> to the config.xml file. If this is activated a short press of the left trigger sets the throttle to full speed. You can still control the throttle as before if you hold the trigger down.

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Post by lsitongia » Sun, 2. Sep 18, 14:55

Thank you very much for your great help.

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