ISSUE - Can I play it on ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset (HC102) ?

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ISSUE - Can I play it on ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset (HC102) ?

Post by OZZOraver » Wed, 15. Aug 18, 03:35

Hi! I don't have Oculus or Vive but I have ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset (HC102): ... set-HC102/

It's newer, better resolution, etc. Can I play using it, or it must be Oculus or Vive?

I am using latest PC build: Intel i9 processor, GTX 1080Ti, etc.

Mavo Pi
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Post by Mavo Pi » Wed, 15. Aug 18, 09:43

It should run through SteamVR but you have to add a command line option:

3. How do I run the game with VR-Headsets without proximity sensor (e.g. Mixed Reality Headsets or OSVR-Headsets)?

To run the game with Mixed Reality Headsets (Microsoft) or Open-Source Virtuality Reality Headsets, you have to start the game with the command line option -openvr_force_proximity.
(To do so in Steam right-click on the game entry in your library, select "Properties" and click on the 'Set launch options' button in the General tab.)

This has to be done, because these headsets do not detect when you wear them, whereas Vive and Oculus switch the mode between 2D and 3D based on this sensor. This can also be the case with other Steam VR Headsets that are not the HTC Vive!

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