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XR Owner discount for VR still available on Steam?

Posted: Tue, 12. Jun 18, 21:35
by Mesthione
Figured I'd wait for the dust to settle and mods to mature after release, and now I'm ready to dive into XR VR with my Vive.

I was wondering if the XR VR discount is still available for XR owners? Not seeing it any more on the shop page.

Otherwise, I'll bide my time and wait for the Steam Summer Sale, although I am not a patient person :)

Best Regards,


Posted: Tue, 12. Jun 18, 22:46
by Alan Phipps
From the XRVR Release (End of Early Access) Announcement in the news section (07 Dec 2017):

"We are going to end the X Rebirth VR Edition loyalty discount on December 10th when this sale ends. So if you own X Rebirth and are considering X Rebirth VR Edition, you can buy it with a 30% loyalty discount added on top of the 20% discount during this weekend at a total of 50% off!"

Posted: Wed, 13. Jun 18, 00:19
by Mesthione
Got it. Thank you!