menu help, mission help and maybe campaign guide?

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menu help, mission help and maybe campaign guide?

Post by juanitierno » Wed, 21. Mar 18, 12:19


I have a few questions:

1) Is there a way to make it so the menus while piloting appear in front instead of to the side? It's a pain to have to turn around to access the panel, and even more of a pain to click the lower-right buttons. I would love if there was a way to make them appear at the center of the screen like when walking on a station.

2) Is there a mission guide for VR somewhere? From what I've read the missions greatly differ from the normal non-VR game, so the guides won't be useful.

3) I "failed" one of the initial missions.... the plot told me to accept a xenon buildup mission, but when I arrived the ship I was supposed to protect was at like 5% hull and died. I was expecting to see the "wait for further xenon information" plot mission to appear, but played for about half an hour and it did not... (about 3 hours now, and no way to continue the plot... help?)

4) Is there a way to un-assign controls? In particular the "hold left thumb rest to recenter view" is very annoying, since I have big thumbs and always end up pressing it by mistake.

5) Is there a way to make cockpit interfaces clickable-through? They always get in the way of targeting/docking, and I end up opening the side panel instead of what I wanted to do. (edit: Minimized this problem by switching cockpit designs)

Thanks in advance!

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Post by The Q » Sat, 24. Mar 18, 19:14

Trying to answer some questions:

1) In the normal X Rebirth, there's an option called "Menus" (I think) under Options -> Game Settings to change the right hand menu to the HUD menu. I'm not sure if this is available in XR VR too, but it's worth a check.

2) Where did you read that? Afaik only the tutorial plot and a couple of generic missions were added. The other generic and side missions should be the same. See also the XR VR FAQ at the top of the forum.
Here is a quick list of some of the more obvious differences:
- The universe was modified. This affects the density of stations, the highways and many other things.
- There is no external camera: XR VR Edition is always played from cockpit perspective or 1st person on platforms.
- Platform gameplay is reduced: While you can still leave your ship and walk around stations, the need for this is much reduced.
- New missions and tutorial
- The X Rebirth original plot is replaced by a tutorial to learn the game and a series of missions. The later storylines from X Rebirth 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 including the addition of SETA, jumpdrive, weapon mods and much more are all included too.
3) I think there were some reports about this already. See this thread and the replies by Xenon_Slayer on pages 2 and 3.

4) You should definitely be able to remap that option to a different key. See also this post by rboerdijk. I'm afraid I don't know what the delete button on any of the VR controllers is. On a keyboard it would be 'Delete' (Del). Alternatively, you could go into the inputmap.xml (within "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth VR\[Steam ID]" or "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth VR" for the Occulus version) and delete the key manually.

5) No idea. My best guess would be to have a look through the options menu.
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Post by juanitierno » Sun, 25. Mar 18, 22:16

Hello and thank you for your reply!

2) From the section you mentioned "- The X Rebirth original plot is replaced by a tutorial to learn the game and a series of missions.", and I've searched for mission guides, and they have nothing similar to what I've done so far.

So far, always as per PLOT missions, I've:
Tested the controls
Upgraded a long range scanner
Found and opened a lockbox
3 xenon plot fight missions
Lastly I "captured" a xenon "I", which later jumped out, and I somehow (I guess as reward) got a big freighter.

I'm not even sure if the "plot" missions have ended yet, or of there is more at all, I have nothing pending on the missions list (normally I would get a "wait for news" plot mission).

3) About that... I think my game bugged, so I started another one and progressed to that point. It did indeed game me several impossible missions (a couple auto-failed, a third failed 20 seconds after accepting it), but I kept reloading to before accepting the mission and waiting for their timeout until I got the last one I described in the spoiler above. Will still read the post you linked!

4) Thanks, I will try using the keyboard for that, if it doesn't work Ill tweak the XML.

5) I ended up switching to a different cockpit and its better now!

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