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[4.21 HF1] Drone Hacking not possible with HOTAS

Posted: Wed, 23. Aug 17, 15:45
by birdtable
I cannot use Trojan drone (hacking station) with HOTAS in VR ,, no interaction or "I" info points visible ...If I try in 2D no issues... just VR.

Posted: Wed, 23. Aug 17, 16:02
by Lothari
Hi, birdtable

Is the problem specific to HOTAS or are you having the same difficulties with any other input device? Do you have a savegame we might be able to look at (unmodded, if possible)?


Posted: Wed, 23. Aug 17, 16:27
by birdtable
unmodded .... :)

Sorry .. All I can say is that the icons "I" vanish when I enter drone. same game same criteria :) in 2D all remain visible ..... If it is of any assistance the Skunk is not always visible when in drone....... Sorry about the criteria .. :) but I did try.

Edit ...Started new game no mods entered the drone already aboard .... no icons..

Posted: Tue, 26. Sep 17, 20:38
by Boeng01
Can confirm, i got the same behavior when entering hacking drones.

2D seems fine, icons just disappearing in VR, like epxlained by birdtable

Posted: Sat, 7. Oct 17, 10:30
by VNSpaceRanger
Me too. My game is unmodded and goes with Oc-Touch. Is it a problem only for Oculus or Vive too?

Posted: Fri, 13. Oct 17, 15:27
This occurs in VIVE with VIVE controlers too.
I can't see not only station "i" icons but also indicators on ships.