[4.20] BUG - Mission guidance stopping early during Xenon Incursion

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Re: [4.20] BUG - Mission guidance stopping early during Xenon Incursion

Post by Jeltz Prostetnic » Sun, 18. Nov 18, 23:53

I have bought a 3000€ PC with Oculus Rift to be ready for X4 VR, but knowing that this will take a while I bought X Rebirth VR in the meantime. Hoping that if XRVR sells this will create the incentive to launch X4VR soon ;)
Anyhow, I am slightly disappointed that after such a long time (I played X-Rebirth soon after it was launched) there are still problems with the plot missions and the general usability... I have played the plot mission up to the point where a large Xenon ship appeared and I was supposed to board it. But it got away and then the message "Mission successfully completed" appeared. Is this a bug, or is this supposed to happen? Should I try again, continue, start a new game or just give up and wait for X4VR? (not going back to 2D)

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