Update Information - Latest Version: 4.30 Hotfix 2 (254587) - Updated: 2017-12-06

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Update Information - Latest Version: 4.30 Hotfix 2 (254587) - Updated: 2017-12-06

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Update Information

In this thread you'll find release notes and changelogs for X Rebirth VR Edition updates.
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Version 4.20 Hotfix 1 (244463) - 2017-08-03

VR Controllers:

- [Oculus] Added native Oculus VR support on Steam (requires Windows 8 or higher).
- [Oculus] Made gesture steering button mappable in Controls menu.
- [Vive] Added gesture steering for Vive controllers.
- [Vive] Added option to change touchpad latency for Vive controllers.
- [Vive] Improved Vive controller detection at startup.
- Added mappable button to reset VR position when held for a second.
- Added option to disable VR controller visualisation when playing with gamepad.
- Made VR controllers work more consistently when operating menus on the side console.
- Fixed case in which an inactive VR controller could trigger events.
- Fixed joystick controls profile.


- Added option to change display mode on monitor while VR headset is on.
- Added language selection in Oculus store version.
- German and French voice localisation.
- Added link to the user manual.
- Added chance to acquire a trade agent as reward for defeating hostile ships close to a station.
- Improved tutorial hints.
- Greatly reduced first-person turning speed on platforms.
- Improved cases where turning the ship switched displayed target elements a lot.
- Fixed target elements not being obstructed by geometry.
- Reduced size of rectangular target elements (especially to mitigate problems selecting target elements on capital ships).
- Fixed cases of wildly flickering target elements (especially notable in asteroid fields and large battles).
- Fixed quick and ability menu button 1 not being deselected.
- Fixed rare cases of hull/shield bars being displayed for obstructed targets without a target element.
- Fixed rare cases of an incorrectly played event monitor sound effect.
- Fixed very rare case of an incorrectly displayed event monitor in first-person mode or inside the drone HUD.
- Changed the event monitor position on platforms to reduce overlap issues.
- Fixed stuttering computer voice when the player ship takes damage.
- Fixed floor texture in a Teladi station.

Version 4.20 Hotfix 2 (244463) - 2017-08-04

- Fixed and adjusted reward notifications for shooting down enemies of a station.
- Fixed tutorial briefings not being updated correctly.


Version 4.21 (247001) - 2017-09-11

Please note that latest graphics drivers (385.41 for NVidia or 17.8.2/17.9.1 for AMD) are required for this update. If older drivers are used then problems are highly likely.

If you are playing the native Oculus version, then Oculus runtime 1.18 is also required. Oculus is currently rolling out this update. If you are still on 1.17 then you can force this update by opting in to the "public test" channel. After 1.18 is rolled out, you can opt out again.

• Added Advanced Flight Tutorial explaining gesture steering.
• Added new mission available from around stations that allows you full station access (unlocking all station doors) for a limited time.
• Added support for keyboard steering in case player tries to use keyboard in 3D mode.
• Added automatic detection of VR controllers at run-time.
• [Oculus] Added handling for closing interact menus on pressing B-button on the Oculus Touch controller.
• [Oculus] Added support to deselect the current target by pressing B-button on Oculus Touch controller.
• Added option to use the entire range of a slider for forward speed.
• Improved mission descriptions for the Restoration Project mission chain.
• Improved highway flight by allowing roll axis to steer left/right instead of doing nothing.
• Improved mission enemy balancing.
• Changed UI VR pointer to be turned off while the in-game VR pointer is displayed.
• Fixed access to trade offers filtered by object from station and CV detail menu.
• Fixed bug where tutorial could become stuck because player tried to use mouse in 3D mode.
• Fixed Assign Trading Ship upkeep mission for warehouses being impossible to accomplish
• Fixed first person rotation being much too slow in certain cases.
• Fixed mission NPCs not being placed on some platforms because of priority issues.
• Fixed several other smaller mission issues.
• Fixed cases of dialog menu not being displayed, especially right after gamestart.
• Fixed incorrectly positioned dialog menu, mini-game and mission-bar in 2D-mode on certain resolutions.
• Fixed clicking on event monitor while ship is moving.
• Fixed rare case where the detail monitor would not work.
• Fixed successful player kill being registered if they destroyed a crate they were supposed to collect.
• Fixed issue with using non-bidirectional throttle together with gamepad mode.
• Fixed causes of several crashes.

Version 4.21 Hotfix 1 (248323) - 2017-09-21

• Added Steam Workshop support.
• Improved supply of Reinforced Metal Plating in Albion.
• Fixed crash during Xenon battle.
• Fixed a cause of occasional game freezes.
• Fixed trade menu freeze.
• Fixed progressive menu scaling problem.


Version 4.22 (250973) - 2017-10-24

New Feature: All-new mouse support in VR.
• Added empty weapon slot to missile cycle.
• [Oculus] Added multiple loading screens to better explain Oculus Touch controllers.
• Added requirement to press button at end of loading screen to start game.
• Added BBS button to quick menu.
• Added Chinese translations of latest text.
• Improved certain cases of targeting objects in 1st-person.
• Improved pointing on elements on the dialog menu.
• Improved behaviour of L and XL mining ships assigned to warehouses.
• Improved interaction with crates/buttons/hack panels by doubling interact distance.
• Improved Xenon Incursion mission objectives.
• Changed main mission target to always be displayed.
• Changed main menu to deactivate steering while it is open.
• [Oculus] Fixed game ignoring sound output selection in Oculus App.
• Fixed gamepad not working in specific situations.
• Fixed inability to change a Construction Vessel's orders before it starts moving to deploy.
• Fixed problem with SETA not remaining deactivated while holding down fire button.
• Fixed small and medium ships not considering fleeing after deciding to attack.
• Fixed squadron subordinates attacking non-combat ships on sight when not attacked first.
• Fixed Trade Deals menu breaking if a ship's queued trades are all with other ships.
• Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned Construction URVs and Cargolifters getting destroyed.
• Fixed area damage of Plasma Mk3 being overpowered when shooting without charging.
• Fixed damage calculations for certain weapons.
• Fixed game over not being displayed on player death.
• Fixed hacking and scanning problems caused by almost no target elements being visible when remote controlling drones.
• Fixed Ambush and Intercept Xenon I missions from taking guidance from other active missions.
• Fixed broken missions when players dock and undock from platforms without interacting with mission NPCs.
• Fixed missing mission NPCs on platforms.
• Fixed rare case where the detail monitor would not work.
• Fixed causes of several crashes.


Version 4.30 (252911) - 2017-11-22

• Added ability to click on certain monitors in player cockpit to open specific menus.
• Improved balancing of Xenon mission chain progression.
• Changed mouse targeting in first person to use the pointer to target and interact with objects instead of using auto-targeting.
• Changed target cursor with touch/mouse control in first-person to not show target cursor for object if not currently interactive.
• Fixed ROVs not moving to dock.
• Fixed welding effects of build and repair drones not appearing after loading a savegame.
• Fixed warehouse trade ware prices not being locked to average price in some savegames.
• Fixed rare issues with targeting objects using the gamepad.
• Fixed lost steering input after closing a menu in certain cases.
• Fixed Ambush mission BBS offer being lost if player moves too far away within sector.
• Fixed AI ships not being able to fire missiles.
• Fixed lag/stutter when using the map.
• Fixed short freeze when trying to cycle missiles when none are present.
• Various small performance improvements.

VR Version 4.30 Hotfix 1 (253863) - 2017-12-01

• Changed interact menu layout to be usable for 4-directional joystick POVs.
• Improved preset profile for Saitek X52 to make use of changed interact menu positions.
• Fixed mouse cursor not being confined to game window when headset is on.
• Fixed case where mouse-picking in 2D mode didn't work correctly.
• [Steam VR] Fixed crash when starting game on multi-GPU system.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you had previously mapped interact menu actions to controls, please revise your mappings to correspond with new interact menu positions.

VR Version 4.30 Hotfix 2 (254587) - 2017-12-06

• Improved input mapping options (NOTE: some input profiles, especially for joysticks, may need to be reset).
• Replaced gamepad controls menu with auto targeting menu.
• Fixed NPC warehouses not trading at average price (for real this time).
• Fixed moving the mouse not activating mouse mode reliably at high framerates.
• Fixed inconsistency with "target closest object" behaviour.
• [Vive] Fixed case where the 3D (mouse) pointer would not be displayed.
• Fixed causes of some rare crashes.


Please be aware that this patch contains some input handling changes which might invalidate your current profile. We believe this only applies to customized joystick profiles.

We suggest you review your profile and adjust it if required. You can also load one of the default profiles and make adjustments as needed based on these.

A summary of the most notable changes:
- new interact menu positions (up, down, left, right)
- new explicit actions to execute the selected entry in the interact menu, ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- new directional controls for the ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- with joystick controls: changed behaviour of the interact menu state, which now closes the menu without executing the selected entry

The old gamepad mode was revised. In principle it now only controls whether auto-targeting behaviour is active or not (while before it also controlled whether menus were stick/non-sticky in joystick mode).

As a result of this change, if you relied on the non-sticky menus behaviour then you might have to change your joystick profile.


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