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Post by Ringo7 » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 18:35

PLEASE! When on platforms, allow snap left/right turning like most other VR games do to avoid motion sickness.

Not sure why you guys keep ignoring this simple request as people are asking for it even in the Oculus Home Reviews. It's making people sick. Being a developer myself, I know it can be done with like 3 lines of code.

Please add this option! Thanks

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Post by profanicus » Fri, 5. Jan 18, 23:20

Here are a couple of things that stood out for me after some great VR sessions the past few days. Loving it! I'm flying with Oculus Touch, gesture controls, using right stick as targetting:
  • I'd like to be able to switch between scanners directly, without first having to turn the active one off.

    Also remove that period where you have to wait for the voice to finish telling you scanners are off before you can do anything else (I guess this happens with every voice sample, would be great in general if you weren't locked out of the game while waiting for these to finish playing).

    A shortcut to exit the map quickly - like long-press on B (back) button or something. (edit: have bound left stick click to 'exit menu', which helps)

    Maybe an option to just use the front view overlays instead of the side view map panel, since you can't do anything while it's open anyway (and make the overlays bigger).

    Toggle off option for 'movement in the direction you're looking' when in first person on platforms.

    When resting my finger on X or Y, it often registers as a capacitive touch on the left faceplate and resets my view (usually when I'm using the map) Maybe don't reset the view if you're also touching X or Y?

    Throttle should work without needing to initiate press from zero state - i.e. reverse makes me go backwards even if still holding accelerate, but then when I release reverse accelerate should still be recognised as being held down and ship thrust forward again. And vice versa.

    Holding up/down in menus should work, shouldn't need to move stick up/down repeatedly to navigate them (same way holding left/right to set amounts works). (edit: have bound grip buttons to 'page up/down', which helps)
Thanks for a great game.

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