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John Colman
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Re: [WIP] Take Control

Post by John Colman » Wed, 21. Oct 20, 21:09

Yes i mean the side console. When i open the side console inside a controlled ship and also inside skunk (happens only in the take control gamestart) the console doesnt appear and the game doesnt react in any way except for opening the main menu. But i believe, this issue might be created by another mod, cause i get the same problem when trading with a person inside a station. So i will test this out and let you know when i know more.

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Re: [WIP] Take Control

Post by Realspace » Sun, 3. Jan 21, 20:22

Great! I enjoy this game right now after years I left it down after purchase...what a surprise. Of course without mods it'd be quite unplayable for me but now it is a little gem, an evolution of Freelance more than X3. Catches me more than X4 that still looks...shallow. The only thing not adressed by mods was indeed controlling other ships (and a better universe map). Thanks!

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