[HELP][MOD] Unification of XR and XR-VR No Yisha in cockpit

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[HELP][MOD] Unification of XR and XR-VR No Yisha in cockpit

Post by soundslikerust » Thu, 29. Nov 18, 22:07

Hi, I made a massive work on X-Rebirth merger with X-Rebirth VR. The goal here is to play original X-Rebirth with it's original mods in VR.
Most of the work is done. All mods from original X-Rebirth are working without problems in VR. But i have couple problems I can't manage and I'm loosing so much time refactoring X-Rebirth.
I use original X-Rebirth jobs, gamestarts, most of the scripts etc. Everything with VR exe version, VR shaders and materials.

Please give me some hints so I won't waste my time so much on researching and refactoring:
  • I can't get Yisha to show up in cockpit on starting NEW GAME->FREE PLAY like it should be by default. I checked many places where game could conditionally turn her off
  • I think she's turned off in the same place as player animation entering the Skunk (I don't need it but I can't find a place in code which turns it off)
  • I turned on NPC's, loot containers etc. on stations but there are clearly fewer of them than in an original game, where should I look?
  • There is literally nothing left from [ego_vr] game mod/extension, just some small things I have full control of. And still no Yisha in cockpit...
  • I have checked all references of player.isvrmode, isvrversion and found no code turning off Yisha, some npc's and dancers on station rooms
  • [ego_dlc_2] and [ego_dlc_teladi_outpost] are identical to X-Rebirth original game version
  • All of original Yisha anims, scripts, models etc are properly referenced. Everything is like in original game
  • 99,9% of the code, assets, scripts etc. are from original game and still no Yisha (She is standing in the back of Skunk).
  • I think all doors in X-Rebirth are locked by default and are opened automatically on demand after landing. But my version don't open them like original X-Rebirth somehow (it behaves like X-Rebirth VR) and I have to use simple set_all_doors_locked room="player.platform" locked="false" script
  • Where do all doors unlock in original code?
Keep in mind that much of the original X-Rebirth code was updated with some newer code from VR version lately. I checked all script references to VR like conditional checks (player.isvrmode player.isvrversion) which could do version checks and turn off some game elements. Where should I look to solve those problems? I need to have best compability possible to Original (I have almost 99% of the game code from original now)

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Re: [HELP][MOD] Unification of XR and XR-VR No Yisha in cockpit

Post by Demoness4 » Sun, 10. Feb 19, 20:47

Question is how exactly did you try to MOD those files, if you were only tampering with ego_vr extension folder, maybe you need to unpack and look in 01.dat .. 09.dat files? And compare to original non-VR game files. As an example there are mentions of VR mode(functions adjusted) in ui/core/Lua/eventmonitor.lua - these files are in packed main game files (not the extension ones).

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