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Adding new Systems/Map Modding?

Posted: Mon, 28. Aug 17, 06:16
by Aranov
Hello There,

With the hype over X4 I've found myself diving back in to X:R, and one thing I've found bothering me is the relatively small galaxy map.
Long story short, It feels like my empire has only DeVries to grow in, what with it being impossible to conquer more space, Albion is a war zone, etc.

Being as I've dabbled in editing the game files in the past I've thought I'd try to start adding new Systems.
Seeing as I can't find any info on Galaxy modding I've resorted to Trial-and-Error, and reverse engineering Transcend and the Home of Light DLC.

Good News is the prototype "works".
Bad News is it still has the layout of Transcend. I've found that when I edit the position offset of a Cluster it'll cause the (clean) save to crash when finished loading.

So since I'm unable to find any info on this, Would anyone out there have knowledge of Galaxy Modding?

Posted: Mon, 28. Aug 17, 09:34
by X2-Illuminatus
Observe's modding guide linked in the Tutorial and resources sticky has a section about universe editing and adding clusters (systems).

Posted: Mon, 28. Aug 17, 18:05
by UniTrader
also get used to always let the game write a log when mod testing and when bad things happen consult it. For this add the Launch parameter

Code: Select all

 -logfile debuglog.txt
to the XR startup Options. If you need more verbose info also add

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 -debul all
- with the info in the Log file its usually far easier to track down what goes wrong.

My spontaneous assumption to your problem is that you copied the macro name but did not change it (macro name is an unique identfier for all "object" types, Zone/Sector/Cluster templates etc.)
Alternatively you changed the macro name but did not change the reference in the index files..

Posted: Mon, 28. Aug 17, 19:27
by Aranov
Thank you for your responses,

Observe's guide really doesn't explain HOW, it just show WHERE to edit, when it comes to the galaxy map.

And I use so many mods I'm always running the debuglog, forgot to mention that the log had no info. And first thing I did was clean and rename everything in all the files I'm using.

BUT with refreshed eyes I found my issue!
In the clusters.xml file the offset/position reference for zones NEEDS to match or be within to confines of the offset/position reference of the Cluster.

I was just changing to Cluster. In retrospect it makes sense, but it wasn't explained anywhere so I just have to give it a try.
In the event run in to more issues I'll use this thread, but I think from here it's smooth sailing.