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Post by mihaib » Sun, 11. Oct 15, 20:30

Vim Razz wrote:My concern is helping to passively communicate information through the menu wherever possible, though.

Like: you can detach after you finish equipping the station, but you can't really equip it after you finish detaching... ^.^;;

On a related note, dealing properly with orphaned trade offers is something I haven't figured out how to do properly in HR yet, and may be relevant here as well. I wont have time to investigate the issue further this weekend, but it's something to be aware of.

Also, I discovered that player stations generated by gamestarts (both Empire Builder and modded gamestarts) are a little buggy: Trying to attach a new CV to them causes the CV to disappear. This isn't a problem with your mod -- it happens if you buy a new CV at a shipyard, too -- but RCV does make it easier to encounter the bug, so I figured it's worth mentioning.
Well, it looks like there is a good reason why you named the button that way. :D

Fortunately, I had no issues with orphaned trade offers and I've been using the mod for a month before releasing it. I'm hopping I won't have this issue.

Thanks for mentioning the problems with gamestarts. It helps to know about this issue and that it's more likely to be reported with my mod on.

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