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Posted: Sun, 15. Oct 17, 11:59
by alexalsp
Yes. These mods have a future. I've waited a long time to update. :wink:

Posted: Mon, 16. Oct 17, 04:08
by Exavier724
Well I hope you like what I have planned for the update. This will be a massive update to the mod. I am sure I am missing things from this list so if there are any glitches/bugs/oddities not list that should be looked at please let me know. Here is the current status :)

- (Done) Jumpgate alignment. I finally figured out the stupid quinterion rotational values so the gates no longer spit ships out upside down. This will reduce traffic jams since capital ships no longer have to pull into the outbound lane, park in the gate, and then roll 180 to align before actually going through.
- (Done) Zone Overlap & Resorces. Zones have been spread out more so they no longer overlap like they use to. Among other things this corrects the issue were Mining Ships thinking some of the zones have resources when in reality the false information is coming from an overlap with another zone.
- (Done) Stuck NPC Traffic. Also caused by overlap issue where some of the patrols would get stuck because they would be in both the source & destination zones at the same time causing them to never really doing anything. Also affected mining ships.
- (Done) NPC Combat traffic adjusted to be more efficient with fewer wingmen to help on computing resources. Please note this gets offset somewhat if you enable CWIR.
- (Done) NPC Trader Cargo Baskets are now empty when spawned. No more freebie wares, the traders will actually have to go get it from somewhere now.
- (Done) Readjustment of all resource regions to try and optimize their affect on peoples machines. I originally sorta spawned them with default values and left them. Dense fields look neat but using an 80km radius field when you don't need to really kills processing.

- (Done) 4x pirate specific zones (with station & patrols)
- (Done) Significant increase of Player & NPC Build Locations (To support CWIR zone control gameplay). I will have to actually count them later but pretty much every zone in the cluster got at least 3 player accessible build locations & many got npc only locations as well.
- (Done) 2x New Gates (Teladi & Home of Light both linked)
- (Done) M Trader Adjustments. These have now been divided into two groups, Import & Export. Importers will buy 0-2 gate jumps but sell only in Hiigara, Exporters will buy only in Hiigara but sell 0-2 gate jumps. Build a Warehouse will let the M traders transfer goods between the two groups as a galactic trade hub.
- (Done) L Traders reduced to offset the gain of the M traders as galactic couriers.
- (Done) NPC Pre-built habitats replaced. There is now an NL Civ Shipyard & Johnferson Civ Boatyard in their place. A little more useful place to sell finished products to.
- (Done) NPC Factional Stations reduced from 4 per gate to 3 per gate. Civilian Shipyards removed from their control since the "neutral" factions operate them now.
- (Done) NPC Factional Stations now hard spawn rather than built from CV. The old code I was using for CV based construction didn't work properly OOZ. Not an issue in the Vanilla Game but CWIR generally killed them off before the station ever got built if player didn't visit frequently. Its still dynamic so they won't show up until the gate opens.
- (Done) Teladi & HoL only get a single NPC Factional Station for each of their gates. These gates will only activate if you actually have the DLC installed. If you don't have the DLC then they will remain closed.
- (Done) Two new bypass highway sets. These function similar to the HoL highway seamlessly transitioning between sector & cluster highways allowing you to rapidly get from jumpgate to jumpgate without using all the micro highways to visit all the zones in between.
- (Done) Multiple additional Jump Beacons. The way jumpdrives are targeted lets the code find the closest beacon to their destination when jumping. Each gate has its own beacon on the "exit facing" side to help speed up leaving the sector. Extra beacons were also added to Outskirts so Pirates & CWIR Invasions don't have to follow predictable routes.
- (Done) Additional non-resource regions to add actual clouds and gasses to areas that should be blanketed by nebula rather than just a greenish color shift. Also adding actually debris & wreckage fields to the zones named Karos Graveyard & Debris Field.
- (Done) Empire Builder style Game Start to spawn in Hiigaran Clusters with a collection of CVs.
- (Done) M Trader Consolidation to follow the same formatting I used for the combat ship jobs.
- (Testing) Verify all the new text strings have proper entires in the Language Files
- (Testing) Custom Background/Skybox for the cluster
- Proper CWIR Support. This is a big one since that mod more or less extends the life of the game and makes it more fun. I have code in place that detects if CWIR is installed.
--- (Done) If CWIR is detected all the gates will be forced open, all NPC stations will be spawned so CWIR can classify stating ownership of Hiigaran Zones properly.
--- (Done) If CWIR is detected all NPC Combat Jobs are reset to a more aggressive Defense/Invasion oriented set designed to follow CWIR's example.
--- (Done) CWIR Inspired NPC Combat Jobs actually utilize the new ship types that are added by CWIR's Player Shipyards components. Pirates also get the new toys so beware.
--- (Done) Patch to CWIR's location decoder so that CWIR invasion mechanics will actually recognize sections of Hiigaran Space and being of interest to the main waring factions. Those default stations might actually get blown away during a war.
--- (Done) Patch to CWIR's station check to include Hiigaran Space as potential location for additional NPC stations & NPC build locations to encourage expansion.
--- (Done) Player Accessible Build Locations added to the "incoming" side of the jumpgates. If a specific faction is giving you alot of issues, such as xenon invasions, then build the PMC inspired Overwatch Command Station that CWIR makes buildable on this spot. Not guaranteed to kill everything before they jump away but should make for an effective blockade.
--- (Done) Invasions not targeted to Hiigara CAN & WILL used the cluster as a shortcut. This is mostly noticeable with the Xenon trying to kill everyone as the cluster offers a useful shortcut to every major cluster in the game. They do use it heavily.

Posted: Mon, 16. Oct 17, 13:33
by alexalsp
multilingual support?

When will the mod be updated? In Steam the old version.

Posted: Mon, 16. Oct 17, 15:07
by Exavier724
I don't particularly trust google translate so Multi-lingual Support is based on whoever wants to translate the t files for me. I think currently the mod has German Support already and someone posted a REussian translation a page back I need to review and add.

Mod will be updated when all the things labeled "testing" above are finished. Well that any anything new that someone points out should be fixed before I get done :)

Posted: Tue, 17. Oct 17, 13:04
by Exavier724
List above updated.
3 of the CWIR Support items are going to require a bit more work than I was expecting but I hope to get them into a functional state for stress testing by the weekend. I'm going to have to write my own version of the job control file CWIR uses because there is NO WAY I am going to parse that thing out to figure out where to patch in my code.

The other components are easy enough to patch my zone identifiers into. So all thats left is 1 new script, 2 function patches, and 3 very tedious tasks (alot of copy/paste mostly) and I will be able to get the update loaded to steam :)

EDIT: Minor delay... I just figured out how to alter the skybox so the cluster might actually get something a little more unique than just a Maelstrom clone.

Posted: Thu, 19. Oct 17, 16:10
by Informer
This mod update looks great.


do I need a new game start with this mod?

And does it still break a save game with disable the mod?

Thanks, keep up the good work, and I will surly try out this mod when it is available.


Posted: Thu, 19. Oct 17, 18:35
by Exavier724
Informer wrote:hi,
This mod update looks great.


do I need a new game start with this mod?

And does it still break a save game with disable the mod?

Thanks, keep up the good work, and I will surly try out this mod when it is available.

I still need to investigate/confirm if it will be possible to upgrade an existing Hiigara v1.01 savegame to the new version. I suspect it will break due to the number of core structural changes I have made to things liek zone locations, highway locations, and station build locations. Even so the best case I could offer is that your assets will be left at their original coordinate and find them selves way outside any zone boundaries (not a problem for ships, bad for stations)

I will test the removal options before I release to see if I can get rid of the "will break save games to remove" flag. I originally set that flag on the mod because you are technically building stuff in a new cluster. If the cluster vanishes due to being removed chances are you will lose/glitch out any ships/stations you own in that cluster since their locations all become invalid. Never actually put it to the test though :P

As far as New Games (modded or not) or Saved Games that haven't had Hiigara activated on them (modded or not), there should be no issue or effect. I have been testing the mod with about 25 different mod combinations (including CWIR & other clusters) each time I finish something on the "todo" list to ensure I don't have any compatibility issues or errors. I don't even officially require any of the DLCs now (though if they are detected the gate I have linked to them will activate normally)

I will have more information on compatibility with Hiigara v1.01 saves when I get a done changing things and can sit down and test it. :D

Posted: Wed, 25. Oct 17, 01:48
by Exavier724
Just another status update. I update the list at the top of this page.

CWIR's been giving me some headaches with the stations but so far I got the minor factions working and periodically building stations. Takes a while though since it looks like CWIR's got that script on a 2hr cycle. Still trying to figure out how to get the primary factions (Plutarch, Canteran, Argon, etc) to build stations as it appears to be controlled by a different set of scripts.

The Life & invasion fleets are working and dangerous as heck. Still tweaking timings to get the defense fleets to show up quickly enough to actually protect the initial stations. Might have to play with the spawners to hard spawn a fleet already in the zone (and expire it after the normal fleet gets there) rather than waiting for the CWIR style defense fleets to fly from their shipyard.

My new Life & Gate controllers are working beautifully, except for HoL for which I can thank Ego for the frustrations. Apparently the HoL DLC is scripted to open every gate tied to those clusters at game start rather than actually specifying the gates based on destination like the base game & teladi DLC. And since I can't seem to catch the script (it runs before any of my scripts can initialize) I am still trying to figure out how to reset that gate so it activates when I want it to lol

Not sure I will make the release this weekend like I was hoping as I am still testing everything. But its getting there.

Posted: Wed, 25. Oct 17, 03:43
by Informer
Thanks for all the work m8, and take your time.

I keep a eye on this tread, and when you release the update of your mod, i am sure gonna try it in my game. :)

Posted: Sun, 5. Nov 17, 04:58
by Exavier724
To Do list above updated again.
Only thing left is to get the custom Skybox configured and filled in. Lighting is being a pain and I am still trying to decide what sort of objects (planets and such) I want. Its taking longer than I expected simply because I have to reboot the game after each tiny change to see what things look like lol

All the CWIR components are finished and functioning at 100%. Will be interesting to see how the play out in longer games (since I haven't actually dedicated a week long game to testing it yet lol).

Quick overview of what happens with CWIR Installed:
- Canteran, PMC, Heart of Albion, Argon, Xenon, Syndicate, Reivers, Heretics, Teladi, & Terracorp are all supported factions.
- Any stations destroyed will attempt to be rebuilt depending on who owns the zone at the time. Extra stations will periodically be built in a few extra zones as well.
- Each faction has a "Home Zone" that they will try to reclaim if lost & will guard with a heavy fleet while they own it. (PMC & HoA constantly fight over the same Home Zone)
- Home Zone recapture will only occur if the faction controls at least 5 zones (2 for Teladi) somewhere in the galaxy. If they get hammered back enough, or wiped out, they will lose interest in Hiigara Crossroads and can be pushed out completely.
- Each faction will launch 2x Patrol/Hunter fleets to patrol areas they consider theirs. Outpost claims will be created/destroyed automatically as patrols fight over the area.
- Patrol Fleets will only occur if the faction controls its Home Zone. If they get kicked out of their home zone then existing patrols will continue but no more will spawn until they own the Home Zone again.
- Teladi & Terracorp do not send out patrols. They only care about their jumpgate.
- Gate Assault Fleets are launched if any of the main factions (PMC, Canteran, Argon, Xenon) control 3+ zones within Hiigaran Crossroads. These fleets will try to secure their enemies Home Zone to kick them out of the cluster.
- If Xenon controls 5+ zones within Hiigaran Crossroads they will attempt to kick Teladi & Terracorp out of the cluster and steal their jumpgates.
- If Xenon controls 7+ zones within Hiigara Crossroads they will attempt to kick PMC, HoA, & Canteran out of the cluster and steal their jumpgates.

Fear the Xenon :P

I will point out that these are "CWIR Fleets" so expect 3+ Capital Ships with Escort Fighters at a minimum. I managed to hook my Jobs into CWIR's Battlegroup Builder scripts so they also spawn ships from every ship type that CWIR adds.

Note for Builders:
- I excluded the central zone "Sjet's Pride" for all the Patrol/Assault/Invasion scripts. This does not mean hostiles won't pass through & start shooting things but they generally won't hang around.
- Plunder or Raider fleets that prey upon trade ships & station modules will still target things within this zone and will periodically show up.
- Sjet's Pride has had its Build Locations increased to 14. Word of warning that installing that many stations on low end machines is not recommended.
- The rest of the cluster is generally considered open game for the various factions so you may have to kick someone out, or pay rent, if your empire gets big enough to expand.

Getting closer & closer to being ready for release :D

Posted: Wed, 8. Nov 17, 07:52
by Exavier724
So while I do the final testing, cleanup, & packaging I figured I would give you a teaser. Custom Skyboxes & ambient lighting are hard, really hope you guys like the full effect. :D

Going to try to get all the version/update testing done before the weekend but it depends on how long it takes to set up the game for one of the tests. If I miss the weekend the release will be sometime next week.

Hiigara Outskirts : Hiigara & her Angel Moon

Great Wasteland : Kushan Burning (Yes the burning atmosphere is animated)

Gardens of Kadesh : Kadesh Nebula (Extra screenshot of the Gas Giant outside the clouds)

{Images posted directly to the forums should not be greater than 640x480 or 100kb, oversize image now linked - Terre}

Posted: Thu, 9. Nov 17, 18:21
by Informer
Looks great. Will for sure try this in my game. Good luck with testing.


Posted: Thu, 9. Nov 17, 23:18
by SiD_azer
+1 , can't wait to try it ! :)

still no update on steam workshop yet ^^

Posted: Sun, 12. Nov 17, 04:43
by Exavier724
WARNING: v2.0 Represents a complete rebuild of this mod. I could not support saved game compatability from previous Hiigara Crossroads Versions. You WILL need a fresh save or new game. I tried to do this as a patch but the structure changes were too much for the game to adapt to. The game apparently would not update Jumpgate & Highway Gate locations that have already been saved to a save game.

v2.0 Changelog:
Bug Fixes:
- Zone Overlap Issues Fixed.
- Resorce Overlap Issues Fixed.
- Jumpgate Rotation & Alignment Fixed.
- Stuck NPC Patrols Fixed.

- Logbook Notifications for DLC/CWIR Detection Added.
- Logbook Notifications for Gate Opening with Location Names Added.
- Dynamic DLC Detection Added.
- Teladi DLC Gate Added.
- Teladi Owned Station Spawned when gate opened.
- Hol DLC Gate Added.
- Terracorp Owned Station Spawned when gate opened.
- Pirate Specific Zones (x4) Added.
- Hybrid Bypass Highways (x4) Added.
- Ambient Clouds & Debris Added.
- Custom Skybox/Lighting/Planets Added.
- Hiigaran Empire Gamestart Added. Will force ALL gates open.
- Automatic Conquest & War (CWIR) Support Added : See Below.

- Cluster/Sector/Zone Scale increased to spread zones out more.
- Highways adjusted to account for zone distance changes.
- Zones are now far enough apart to generate some Empty Space between theme.
- Gate Controller Script Re-writted to be more dynamic to game configuration.
- Life Controller Script Re-written to be more dynamic to game configuration.
- NPC Trader Count Reduced slightly.
- NPC Trader Ware Cargo Baskets adjusted to include previously missing wares.
- NPC L Sized Traders reduced in count.
- NPC M Sized Traders given the ability to trade outside the galaxy.
- NPC M Sized Traders limited to Importing or Exporting duties. Will not trade only ouside Hiigara.
- NPC Traders (M & L) had ware baskets set to empty by default. No more free spawn resorces.
- Additional Jump Beacons added to make jump pathing quicker.
- NPC Pre-Built Stations reduced to 3 per main faction.
- NPC Pre-Built Stations are now Spawned rather than CV Constructed to prevent script stalls.
- NPC Pirate factions given stations in their zones.
- Ruined Habitat stations replaced with Small Shipyards (Nolimits & Jonferson).
- Player Station Build Locations increased from 52 to 98.
- NPC Station Build Locations increased from 16 to 18.
- All Zones now have at least 2 Player Station Locations.
- NPC Combat Jobs reconfigured and adjusted.
- NPC Combat Jobs now use a larger variety of Ship Types if avalible to that faction.
- NPC Raider Jobs reconfigured and adjusted.
- Havok Frigate added to Canteran Patrol Jobs.
- Havok Frigate Wares Cost adjusted. It actually requires things like fusion reactors now.

CWIR Support:
- Detection of CWIR Installation will open all gates.
- CWIR Combat Fleets Can Travel Across Cluster if needed.
- Additional Jump Beacons allow them to get to the gates easier.
- Factions with Intrest in Hiigara : Canteran, PMC, Heart of Albion, Argon, Xenon, Syndicate, Reivers, Heretics, Teladi, & Terracorp.
- Factions will try to capture their gate or named zone if they do not own it.
- Factions who own their Gate/Home will send out patrols within the cluster.
- Patrol Fleets can trigger CWIR outpost creation to fight over territory.
- Factions that capture enough Hiigaran Space will try to sieze their enemys Gates.
- Xenon will try to capture the entire cluster.
- Invasion/Patrol/Assault Jobs will use ship types that were added in CWIR.
- Invasion/Patrol/Assault Jobs will use CWIR Squadron Creation Scripts for dynamic fleet sizes.
- Pre-Built Stations are aligned with NPC Build Locations so they can be rebuilt.
- Destroeyd Stations will be rebuilt using CWIR scripts.
- Additional Stations will be constructed based on who owns the zones.
- Invasion Fleets to capture Gate/Home Zone will stop spawning if Faction owns less than 5 zones in the galaxy.
- Patrol/Assault Fleets will stop spawning if Faction does not own its Gate/Home Zone.
- Possible to kick a faction completely out of Hiigara Crossroads.

Hope you guys enjoy it and I am sorry for breaking any existing empires.

EDIT: To those asking about the Save Game lock & Uninstalling the mod.
I ran tests on it and decided to leave the lock in place.

The game would delete all the mod's content & player assets in the cluster when it was removed. This could hard crash the game if thep layer ship was in the cluster but otherwise just hurt the play for the loss of all the stations/ships.

Unfortunately the NPC Galaxy Traders, and any content from other mods that could cross Jumpgates, that got stuck there would keep throwing errors to the game engine rather than just being deleted/cleaned. This generally resulted in a log overload & performance crash within about 2hrs of playing even if you saved again and reloaded.

Limitations of the game it would seem.

Posted: Mon, 13. Nov 17, 00:29
by Informer
Great, did backup my save games, and give this mod a go in my current game.

Thanks m8. :D