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Post by jelf » Sat, 13. Apr 19, 11:18

Requiemfang wrote:
Wed, 31. Jan 18, 22:19
Buzz2005 wrote:
Requiemfang wrote:
It does, as for the ignore the post thing, I had no background in Maelstrom but I managed to figure it out on my own.
Im still looking for the solution of the maelstrom background missing

EDIT: yes very LOL :D, that important note is NOT IMPORTANT at all
its resolved
Yeap that's what caused my head to ache until I experimented and found out that you didn't need to follow that :lol:
It would be greatly appreciated if next time you guys find a solution, share it with others, instead of just saying it is resolved without mentioning how ...

Just to confirm, to make this mod work, I just need to follow the steps and copy/paste all the patches, but without doing the step in the "IMPORTANT.txt" document in patch 2.0.1?


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