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Post by dcajner2 » Mon, 6. Jan 14, 17:15

scottykad wrote:My ships are made without the gravidar, i use this mod to put in the gravidar, works, load game and the gravidar is still missing no matter how many times i load the game, save, close, open the mod, add gravidar again, reload game....its gone again...please help....help?
Do you save file in Mod after you add gravidar and before you restart game?
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Post by swatti » Mon, 6. Jan 14, 17:40

MORE BUGS: "scaldis" wont appear in the ship-list... ?

EDIT: Odd, seemingly any version of the editor is unable to see that particular Scaldis in the ship-list. Albion-made, normal build, no early construction etc... Odd.

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Post by trekkie33 » Thu, 9. Jan 14, 05:42

Would be great if you could add an option to add crew members to a ship.

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Post by swatti » Thu, 9. Jan 14, 15:30

trekkie33 wrote:Would be great if you could add an option to add crew members to a ship.
Get the mod that lets you have 10 or so crew aboard skunk and NESA. You can have 3 crews in 5min.

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Post by Netblaise » Wed, 12. Mar 14, 19:12

This mod does not work when it comes to changing how much money you have... This mod only changes title of the save file that shows how much money you have on this save file... heres the line of text that the mod changes:

Save File Money Title:
"<player name="Ren Otani" location="{20005,8}" money="103146000" "

I had 103146 money and added 3 zero's at the end to test the mod.. Once you get in game and check your info it will say that you have have 103146... The mod doesn't change any of the other required credit lines..

I usually go into the save file and open it Wordpad. Do a "Find" for the amount of credits that I have in game and add money that way.. There are at least 4 to 5 different locations that says how much money you have in game...

4 lines of this:
<stat id="money_player" value="103146" />
<account id="[0x20]" amount="103146" />
<account id="[0x20]" amount="103146" />
<account id="[0x20]" amount="103146" />

1 line of this:
<stat id="money_player" value="103146" />

I always change all those lines and it works for me.. You might just need to change one line but testing would be a pain with the games long load time...

Also its best to edit this with Wordpad since Notepad sucks....

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Post by ArtilleryWhore » Thu, 22. May 14, 10:32

any way we could get an update to this program to include the new, ships, missiles, and something that would be REALLY awesome...

a way to unlock all stations and trade offer updates permanently. with out having to go to each station and smalltalk 2-4 times per-station,per-sector, per-system, per-region....

(it doesn't seem like all platforms offer trade updates, not sure if its a bug or what, but some times you need to win the small talk mini game on other platforms to unlock that stations updates.)

its fun for an hour or 2, but after you realize you haven't even scratched the surface in Albion, let alone the others.. it kinda gets depressing and boring. not to mention the fact that you need to keep starting over every time they add content or release big updates..

oh and if anyone knows how to edit their saved file to get the same result ^ please tell me =) thanks.

i dont mind constantly starting over repeatedly with new updates, it gives me a chance to do things differently. but ied like to remove as much of the restart grind for the basics, as possible. so i can focus on personal goals and other fun stuff.

i know i can, but ied rather not give myself 90,000,000 zillion (yes ninety million zillion, u got a problem with that number?) credits from the start of each new game. then it just becomes a basic pew pew game. i enjoy trading from time to time, and i LOVE mining for some reason =P
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Post by Baconnaise » Thu, 22. May 14, 20:51

If it's an NPC that can be hired they won't offer the trade updates as a reward for small talk in my experience. Make sure it's an NPC that can't be hired of which there are many. The rule of thumb I use is the Credit/Trade platforms where the manager is usually located for the station. I hit the crew area 99% of the time and get my NPC there. The other platforms like repair and club are all usually more riddled with hirelings.

I agree as I'm sure others might that the current smalltalk system of acquiring trade updates is tedious and somewhat counter intuitive. It seems more logical to cost a nominal recurring fee and down payment of sorts like a satellite. They could call it a subscription or whatever. That makes the most sense to me anyways.

The XRGSE or whatever save editor works but messes up the naming portion I believe on ships and stations. Hoping that gets an update by more experienced people than myself.

I'm not sure how you can edit the trade offer update in the save but I assume you would start by finding the NPC who you set it up with and looking through the file for some identifier or flag.

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Post by Spotter5 » Fri, 23. May 14, 23:29

The link in the OP goes to a file that is hidden :( can the OP unhide it?

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Post by ArtilleryWhore » Mon, 26. May 14, 02:56

so turns out in 2.0 you can just buy trade offer updates. thank you egosoft =)

can we buy maps next please ;) ?

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Post by swatti » Mon, 26. May 14, 13:07

Buying tradeoffers needs a mod too.

There is a debug-mod to reveal whole map. Highly recommended. Some other parts of the mod may be bugged tho...

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Post by jeroll3d » Mon, 26. May 14, 18:09

This mod does not work when it comes to changing how much money you have...
Work in here, but just this functions work:

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Post by mike2k4u » Fri, 27. Jun 14, 12:59

having trouble collecting some containers in space
if u be kind enough to tell me how can i remove tags in game or from save game have 10k of goods tagged and nothing happens (used the wrong ship to tag)

i have found it in save game but dont know what to do next (and egosoft plz add this option in next betafix

<connection connection="tagdart">
<component class="missile" macro="taglauncher_player_bullet_macro" connection="tagdart" owner="player" id="[0xaff7]">
<listener listener="[0x43e50]" event="killed"/>
<position x="-2.691" y="-0.2173" z="-1.808"/>
<rotation yaw="94.8317" pitch="6.02862" roll="111.932"/>
<flight source="[0x9ef4]"/>
<connection connection="engine" macro="engine">
<component class="engine" macro="engine_special_tagdart_macro" connection="ship" id="[0xaff8]">
<position z="-0.4721"/>
<parameter flags="32" value="0" owner="[0xaff8]" name="light" subname="scale4" type="custom">
<persistent start="260027.374" duration="-1" value="1" target="1"/>

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Post by lolol » Sat, 19. Jul 14, 17:01

Hm why is that hidden?
can some one please send me?

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Post by BigBossFTW » Wed, 17. Dec 14, 05:59

Can someone send me this please? As It's not on the nexus or anything. Thanks! :)
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Post by StormMagi » Wed, 17. Dec 14, 06:33

Because it is outdated and doesn't work with the latest versions.
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