[ Request ] freight transfer!

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Tenlar Scarflame
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[ Request ] freight transfer!

Post by Tenlar Scarflame » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 18:49

Self explanatory - is it possible to get ships to exchange freight with each other using cargolifters? I feel like that would be super useful.
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Post by bbeach » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 22:43

Yes it should be possible.... that's actually my planned weekend project. ;)

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Post by Mogir » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 23:31

I haven't figured out how to since the UI is horrible but it would not make sence if you could not transfer cargo between ships.

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Post by wwdragon » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 00:47

It should be part of the base game!

Maybe add tractor beams back in and do it that way. :wink:
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Post by Malankatank » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 00:52

wwdragon wrote:It should be part of the base game!

Maybe add tractor beams back in and do it that way. :wink:
You mean the handy dandy definitely not Star Trek based transporter device?

That would be a nice addition I would say but since you cant trade wares or eject spacesuit in the Skunk it should be limited to use in the transporter ships only to avoid game breaking.
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