[Request] ENB

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[Request] ENB

Post by DaMuncha » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 07:44

Game needs ENB to kill ambient lighting and enhance contrast.

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Post by StingerMeGood » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 08:48

Computer Specs:
CPU = i386 SX-25
HDD = 100Mb HDD
GFX = Voodoo1
OS = DoS 6.22

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Post by Privata » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 10:26

I agree with DaMuncha
well I would most likely make my own enb config if ever there a dll made for rebirth.

all I would do is add a subtle bloom , paralax if possible and of course godrays

maybe reflections and better shadows.

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Post by veronique » Fri, 22. Nov 13, 13:46

the textures lack "shine" especially metallic painted surfaces, ships, station interiors, docking bays, everything is dull and diffuse. almost as if there isn't any kind of specular glossiness.

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