Trading Computer Modding Question

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Trading Computer Modding Question

Post by StormMagi » Wed, 20. Nov 13, 19:31

How hard would it be to script into the trading computer to poll known wares/stations, say once an hour, and update prices without having to visit the sector?

Or at least have it auto poll a station when you enter the sector?

I figure if you can com ships/stations in other systems your trading comp should be able to keep prices up to date. :) But comisions/discounts etc still have to be discovered. Also where would I look in the files to tinker with this? (not new to modding/tinkering but new to making X mods).
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Post by kuebler.stephan » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 00:27

Maybe the Satelites come back one Day... :roll:
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Post by wwdragon » Sat, 23. Nov 13, 00:50

Actually, since you can comm anywhere... we SHOULD be able to get prices in real time without any extra hardware or software!

Trade command software is currently 500k, which only lets you get prices from places in the one place your ship is in.
It's nuts!

The character is supposed to be a jack of all trades, including programming and mechanics.
I'm sure he could write a simple program to use the comms (internet) to check prices all over. 8)
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