[Mod] Station 100% info unlock

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[Mod] Station 100% info unlock

Post by tefara » Mon, 14. Mar 16, 13:25

There was another mod(Complete Station Info Unlocks) that can do this job, but it cannot be downloaded anymore, i designed a new one that can completely unlock station info include high secrecy objects and enemy stations.

* fly to info point or dock location to active this mod, please don't dock or leave the zone while the scanning in progress or you cannot get full 100% information.
* sometimes you cannot get 100% information if apart of station has been destroyed the solution will be update later.
work with game version 2,5+
I will only share this mod if at least 5 people need this mod, so vote now :lol:

Please leave a reply if you have any problem

https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mo ... 000819.jpg
https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mo ... 000819.jpg

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Post by TheChosenPR » Wed, 23. Mar 16, 05:06

Greetings, I am new to the Forum :roll:

I need something like this... :oops:
sucks to be going around at every station :evil:

dont know how to vote :?:

Thanks in advance! :thumb_up:

I forgot to mention, mine is (v4 64bit)
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Post by Simoom » Wed, 23. Mar 16, 06:30

There are several mods that have popped up since the "Complete Station Info Unlocks" mod went down. They are:
  • Better Station Scan Mode
  • Fly-By Info Scans
Neither one fully unlocks the "secret" parts of stations, though (they unlock up to 60%, if you have the Police Scanner).

Since this is my 4th time playing through the campaign, I am pretty much done with the scanning minigame. So yeah, I would love to give your mod a try. Or better yet... if the authors of the other mods could offer a version that fully unlocks the station info, that would be awesome too.

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Post by Requiemfang » Wed, 23. Mar 16, 16:58

Another mod that scans stations? Sure why not at least people will have options to choose from, besides some of the current ones are dated and haven't been updated to the most recent version.

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Post by UniTrader » Wed, 23. Mar 16, 17:41

if someone needs info why these mods dont scan to 100% on high secrecy modules feel free to ask me - i have the answer ;)
if not stated otherwise everything i post is licensed under WTFPL

Ich mache keine S&M-Auftragsarbeiten, aber wenn es fragen gibt wie man etwas umsetzen kann helfe ich gerne weiter ;)

I wont do Script&Mod Request work, but if there are questions how to do something i will GLaDly help ;)

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Post by TheChosenPR » Fri, 25. Mar 16, 01:41

Thanks Simmom; the ''Better Station Scan Mode'' (by Rubini) work for v4 :)

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Post by desan77332 » Sat, 26. Mar 16, 13:39

I try to use Fly by scan, but its stopping work , dont know why, reinstall doesnt help. So, tefara. im one of these five

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Post by tefara » Sat, 26. Mar 16, 16:04

I want to emphasize that my mod is the best, you can try yourself and leave your reply here plz. :lol: ( 5 vote mean at least 5 people inform that you need my mod ) :D here is the link


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Post by cheetahhawk » Fri, 16. Dec 16, 05:49

ive tried the mod so far i have not been able to get it to work on v4.0 using the 64 bit version of the game, there is another mod i was using called exploration software which allowed you to set a ship to explore everywhere, the guy had setup a scout balor as well that you can assign to explore everywhere and it flys to every station and unlocks it hitting all the info points

but the last time i used exploration software in the workgroups page it killed my auto pilot when i activated the exploration software, the balor or whatever ship i assigned still did its thing but limited what i could do dont know if it was a glitch or something different in v 4.0 worked fine in an earlier version.

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Post by jelf » Sun, 14. Apr 19, 20:06

UniTrader wrote:
Wed, 23. Mar 16, 17:41
if someone needs info why these mods dont scan to 100% on high secrecy modules feel free to ask me - i have the answer ;)
Not sure if it is now a bit too late to ask, but why? :lol:

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