X52 Pro problem - how to deactivate mouse stearing?

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X52 Pro problem - how to deactivate mouse stearing?

Post by Gregorovitch » Sat, 8. Jan 22, 14:49

After 1000 odd hours of X4 I've decided to finally try out this game. OMG I feel like a total noob at it, LOL.

First issue is I am used to flying with my X52 and clicking stuff with my mouse in X4. In this game soon as I tough my mouse my ship starts following it. How do I stop it from doing that?

And what is the by design best method to interact with these station icons etc using an X52?

Edit: I have worked out that if you press <space> it changes the way the mouse behaves, i.e. it no longer steers the ship, or it's supposed not to. However the central recticule still "swallows" the mouse pointer and the moment I move the mouse it puts the ship into a turn before it seems to "wake up" and realises it's not supposed to do that - I have to correct the turn with my stick or I would spin in circles.

When I select menu it freezes ship movement etc and I can use the mouse on the various screens. However as soon as I dismiss the menu the mouse pointer wants to return to the central recticule it seems and in the process again puts my ship into a turn before it seems to think better of it.

This is not only unbelievably annoying but it makes clicking on things in the world virtually impossible due to the fact that whenever I try my ship start spinning away from what I'm trying to click.

Also annoying is the fact that walking on stations as soon as I move the mouse over something my character will get put into a slow forward or backward motion that required correction with the stick to stop.

I cannot believe it's supposed to work this way. All this seems to be because the mouse is connected the steering system even if I've apparently deselected it using space. What do II have to do to completely disconnect the mouse from steering and stop this problem?

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