Crew from Split storyline (Spoliers)

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Crew from Split storyline (Spoliers)

Post by Elforia » Fri, 22. May 20, 23:45

Hello, I just wanted to make people aware of an issue that I encountered with the NPCs you get from the split storyline, after you free prisoners in a defense base. The NPCs seem to have a tendency of braking.

In one case I set one of them as a captain on one my Monitor. But for some reason they didn't get unassigned from my current ship and I was able to assign to another one of my ships (a destroyer). I didn't realize at the time, assumed it was the other crew I got.

I transferred the crew to that ship as a service crew and then clicked promote best crew to pilot. The destroyer now has a -- captain that I can't remove or assign another crew in it's place.(Also whenever I was piloting that ship I couldn't enter the crew section of the ship information for said ship button was unresponsive). Also said crew member was still a service crew of that destroyer.

I ended up having to transfer my crew onto another ship and selling it.

My Monitor somehow had a dupe of the pilot, only issue with the dupe was that you couldn't coms him or talk to him in-person. I somehow fixed my Monitor by transferring and firing the fake pilot that had somehow become a dupe of my pilot (I couldn't communicate with coms with the duped pilot I had to unassign and fire with the ship crew menu) the duped pilot on the ship worked whenever I gave the ship orders and such, only issue was that I couldn't talk to him.

And now for some reason the second npc crew which I put as a service crew. I've lost the ability to use coms him (this doesn't really affect me much cause he's just a service crew, and I can still re-assign him using the crew menu.

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Re: Crew from Split storyline (Spoliers)

Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 23. May 20, 13:53

Wall of text broken into paragraphs.
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