Claiming my First Ship... Can't.

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Claiming my First Ship... Can't.

Post by Lone_Wolf_3115 » Sun, 5. May 19, 15:38

I met a Red Ship, Did not see the Owner Label, But it Turned out to be a freighter.
The Pilot Bailed, and left it floating in Space. I hit the Enter Key, and Found the Ship Scan Function, Hit "F", and Scanned the ship.
I hit "F" Again, and The Claim is Greyed Out. I do not find The Option for Space Walk on my Menu list, But I can't get any Closer that 45 m from the ship. (as I recall from X3-TC, you needed to be within 30 M to Claim ships)

What do I need to do to claim it??


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Re: Claiming my Fisrt Ship... Can't.

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sun, 5. May 19, 17:07

You need a pilot on your current ship, before being able to claim another one.
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