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Mining and warehouse issues.

Posted: Wed, 4. Apr 18, 13:57
by vojmary

I've a question regarding mining and using warehouse as mine base.

Is there any possibility to designate surbodinate ships to mine only one resource?

I've built the warehouse and expanded its liquid storage. My mining ships are gathering everything from space and mainly ions not plasma nor hydrogen. When the warehouse is full with ions and ships have mixed wares on board (hydrogen, ions, plasma) they are not trading. Just waiting for me to clear the space in storage.

It's quite annoying.

Looking forward to your answers!

Posted: Wed, 4. Apr 18, 15:34
by Alan Phipps
You may find this fairly recent thread helpful.

Posted: Thu, 5. Apr 18, 11:12
by vojmary
This is not a solution of my problem, just a talk.

Are there any mods for better mining?

Posted: Thu, 5. Apr 18, 14:31
by Alan Phipps
Yes, it is discussion of player comments and requests that this forum was intended for. If that previous thread didn't come up with a clear cut solution that you like then the chances are that this one might not either.

If you definitely want to go down the modded route then please ask over in the XR S&M forum. This forum is strictly for vanilla gameplay discussion. Thanks.

Posted: Thu, 5. Apr 18, 22:28
by vojmary
Ok. Thank you for your reply.

Posted: Sat, 7. Apr 18, 23:37
by Sparky Sparkycorp
Unfortunately I don't think this is possible.

We can control what we allow an assigned mining ship to unload (only possible if a buy order is set up on the Warehouse) but not what they harvest.

Mining ships don't follow a station's Trading Operational Range setting so we can't entirely stop collection of unwanted wares (every system has every ware) but if the Warehouse is placed far from unwanted wares, the mining ship may avoid them more often.

Posted: Tue, 10. Apr 18, 13:17
by vojmary
Thank you for reply.

I understand that mechanism, but I would be awesome if player was able to filter what is gathered and what is not. For real it would be a big advantage of managing warehouse and wares. Just to allocate desired ship for desired resource. It would eliminate builidng mass of warehouses, as I was reading in the different posts how people cope with that problem, and resolve that issue.


Re: Mining and warehouse issues.

Posted: Mon, 10. Dec 18, 21:45
by adymex02
Hello for any miner ship for auto miner first equip entire ship with crew probe beacons ant other stuf ok now when the ship is equiped open map go to your fleet menu left click only one one the ship you whant to asign too your station on this case the miner then right click on the station and at the bottom select mine or trade or defend the station on your case yoj select mine now from this moment do not touch any more with the miner because it well erase the auto miner asigment for the station of corse you can fly if you realy whant but then you need to repeat the procedure of asigment for the station of courese that is simple but now there are some broblems with the second asigment you need to goo to info of the ship and select behawior and delete que and yes there you can select the wares you whant the miner too collect the number of sector jumps there select 0 to keep the miner on your sector station this is only for autotraders a god option but on auto miner your ship well collect what the station seeck to up and runinig so if your station for ex. dont hawe any module that use hidrogen then the auto miner well not pick hidro and you cant change this on behawior of the ship you can try and select other wares only too see on some seconds well deseapear from the behawior so on concluzion on auto miner for asigment to a station the behawior of ship is not too much editable because is on AUTO the ship take comands from your manager of your station not from you soo important ,,DO NOT FLY WITH A ASIGNED SHIP TO A STATION UNLESS YOU ARE KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU CAN MESS WITH THE INFO OF THE SHIP AND YOU CAN TELLEPORT TO THE SHIP TO SEE YOUR CREW AND YOU CAN SEND COMANDS TO DOO SOME STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BUT THAT IS ALL ,, now READ THIS VERY IMPORTANT ---:P hello i figured out there is no bug for unloading auto miners entire storage what you need to doo is to build drones at your station you know the drone are like slaves they doo stuff unloading and loading big ships and for build drones for your station phq or any station you own you need too select trade ofers of that station and there you well see what the station missing from their storage to runing well or at maximum capacity soo you look at buy offer of your station and there you well see drone components and smart chips and the number of fault of this wares now you pick a transporter or a ship with big ,,container storage,, from your fleet and you search on map this wares (materials) go buy all of them and return to your station dock open trade and ofer them to the station and voalaa now your station well auto build the drones go to info of the station and you well see now you hawe drones pay atention for big miners you need on the station to bee instalated one of the big docking module now when the miner is going too descarge his storage select external view or telleport on the miner and hit f2 twice for fre camera rotatate your camera with keyp butons to see the drones how are entering on your miner and unloading the material from miner very nice i hope that help bye