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Posted: Wed, 22. Nov 17, 14:16
by stefanEgo
Certainly we are aware of the current limitations and having separate accounts for all contributors/players would really be something we'd also like to realize at one point. That said, all of your points are truely valid for sure. I'll take the opportunity to revisit our options and will get back to this thread (this is likely to take around 2 or 3 weeks).

Posted: Fri, 19. Jan 18, 20:37
by sirdezir
hy guy I have x rebirth purchased. I need help how can I get the latest update to this game and how to dowload beta . :) :? :? :? :?

Posted: Fri, 19. Jan 18, 21:08
by X2-Illuminatus
If you purchased the game from Steam, it will always be installed in its latest version. If you believe there's a problem with your installation (such as that not all files have been downloaded correctly), you can let Steam verify X Rebirth, as described in this FAQ article. Information on how to download the beta version of the game can be found in the Public Beta forum here. Please note that the currently listed version there is identical to the current release version (4.30). That means there's no specific beta version available for testing at the moment.

If you purchased the game from GOG, please see this FAQ article on where to download patches and the like. Alternatively, if you're using the GOG Galaxy client, click on the game in your library and use the "More" button to get additional downloads displayed (whereby the game should be installed on GOG in the latest version, too). Access to beta versions is not provided through GOG though. But then again, there's nothing to test at the moment anyway.

Posted: Wed, 14. Feb 18, 18:35
by stefanEgo
Just to give some heads up on the separate user account situation:
We checked on this the past weeks and unfortunately don't have any suitable solution for that at the moment. We'll keep this on the radar though and hope to have some better option to go in the future.

Re: Wiki - support thread

Posted: Sat, 8. Dec 18, 17:03
by CircuitByrd
Any update on this? Many of us are really enjoying exploring the game, and would love a way to share our findings with the community. A wiki would be very useful, before an unofficial one crops up somewhere and there end up being two (splitting the contributors and reducing the overall value of either).

You might wish to look at using the Wikimedia platform. It is free and open source, and the same engine which runs Wikipedia, and does not require much of a web server. Happy to assist with getting a server set up if that would help (if you are using AWS there may already be a Wikimedia AMI on the marketplace, but I could package one for you if needed!)

Thanks for the excellent game, team!

Re: Wiki - support thread

Posted: Sat, 8. Dec 18, 21:53
by Sparky Sparkycorp
Hi CircuitByrd,

Whist it is still not possible for Egosoft to provide personalised accounts to many individuals, we don't need accounts to be able to add or update content on the wikis for the various games:

X3 Wiki (X3, X3:TC and X3:AP)
XR Wiki
X4 Wiki

Once you're on one of the wikis, there are 3 handy options highlighted yellow in the image below.

Spaces: Allows you to navigate between wikis.
Create: Creates a new page as a "child" of the page you are looking at the time.
Edit: Allows you to edit content on the page you are looking at (not visible on pages locked for editing).
Tools: Offers "Page History" (chronology of page edits) and the ability to export content as PDFs or Word docs.

Please feel free to get stuck in and ask for tips :)