[Feature Request] "Are you sure?" for all fire and move buttons!!!

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Do you require an "Are you sure?" Question

Yes it's pretty annoying to lose crew by accidental hiting the buttom, or having them onboard
Yes but only for "You are fired"
Don't Care
No, It would just bock me from firing my Crew
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Post by Taleth » Mon, 28. Mar 16, 20:08

This is easily solved with an undo action.

Most times you press the 'fire npc' button you do so on purpose, 2nd guessing user actions always makes for a bad user experience "eg: are you sureeee you want to delete this file? and this one too?" etc.

Of course on the other hand losing a great npc because of a twitch movement (or tiny menu on 1440p monitor...) is also a bad user experience.

The answer is to have the npc fired when you fire them. On the off chance you want them back, there should be a time limited option to call them back.

For example: You ask Betty/Yisha for a roster of all people your currently hiring ("give me the list, please!".. no I'm jk, please, no more). In this list, people you've recently fired are still listed for a day or so thus allowing you the opportunity to call them and hire them back.

On another note, hello everyone, I'm new here, recently discovered this amazing gem of a game and can't wait to get into modding it.

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Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Mon, 28. Mar 16, 20:23

Taleth wrote: On another note, hello everyone, I'm new here, recently discovered this amazing gem of a game and can't wait to get into modding it.
Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy the game!

Easily overlooked but this thread was last replied to just over a year ago and bumping really old threads is kinda naughty. Don't let that discourage you from making new threads to ask questions etc, or to reply to other, newer thread :)

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Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Mon, 28. Mar 16, 22:30

I hope the thread won't get closed as the Request is still pending.

@Are you sure for Quicksaves You should only be asked if the Save is old enough e.g. a new full Save was made since that point.

That rehire idea is pretty good.
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Post by RAVEN.myst » Tue, 29. Mar 16, 11:11

The way I see it, the cost of such a "feature" (new incarnation of Microsoft animated paper-clip? "It looks like you are trying to fire a minion...") would outweigh the benefit:

The cost = additional mouse click on EVERY firing - I fire waaaaaay more than I keep, as I really chew through candidates (I'm sure many/most do)
The benefit = prevention of accidental and irreversible loss of good candidates - this will vary from person to person: to some this happens often, to some never, most probably somewhere in the middle ie. occasionally (I voted 'no', and then 10mins later accidentally fired a 5-star greasemonkey, lol!) For me, it's a VERY uncommon occasion, so the inconvenience would heavily outweigh the benefit.

The "undo" option seems ok, or some form of rehire. I think, ideally, a fired candidate shouldn't be sunk from the labour pool, but should be returned to it - after all, when a job-seeker is interviewed and not hired, they generally keep looking! One catch, though: I think that fired staff shouldn't go straight into the normal lists, but go into a separate waiting list (accessible, but separate) for a short time (maybe until player leaves that zone), to prevent having to dodge that name repeatedly while going through candidates. This may require a non-trivial programming tweak, however.
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