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Temporary Local Security IDs

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 01:27
by ty_cho
Has anyone actually been able to find all 3 parts of a "Temporary Local Security ID" for a station?

I've only ever been able to find the "Temporyary Key" and "Temporary Password", i've never found the "Temporary Account Card".

Looked on many stations, making sure to visit each dock (as after flying too far from the station you lose them), but not once have i found the account card, i only find the key and password (each time, I find those 2, but not the card). :cry:

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 01:38
by Patholos
I found all three on a station in
1st bomb plot station in Maelstrom
Tbh, never bothered with searching for crates though, so this temporary local security ID, I presume it's needed to hack consoles so that you can hack with a trojan unmolested?

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 01:47
by Clownmug
I know of a few possible locations for Albion stations.

Administrative dock:
- On top of a shelf in manager's office
- On a seat cushion in manager's office

Bar dock:
- Behind the bar counter
- Balcony above the bar, jump on top of lights to reach it
- On a bench in the hallway near the stairs section

Any dock:
- Ventilation system

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 01:53
by ty_cho
Patholos wrote:Tbh, never bothered with searching for crates though, so this temporary local security ID, I presume it's needed to hack consoles so that you can hack with a trojan unmolested?
They are needed if you want to hack the production from the inside, or hack yourself a "long term discount", and i think maybe the repairs?

I'll take a look at the balcony part above the bar, everywhere else I think i've checked.

I was wondering if maybe all 3 dont always spawn all the time for every station? I do know the insides of stations reset once and a while, so maybe if you don't find it the first time, wait for a reset and try to find all 3 again? I just wanted to try the "long term discount" part out to see what it really did.

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:18
by MAUCorp
I've crafted and used one. All the pieces are to be found by checking all the landing pads on that particular station without flying away from it. Pretty powerful stuff. I'm really digging the added depth of crafting and hacking.

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:19
by Clownmug
It's random is all I know, it's possible to just have bad luck and they don't spawn or spawn in hard to find locations.

Also, I found another possible spot, any dock, on top of the things that look like soda machines.

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:23
by ty_cho
Ok, i'll keep looking around then, I wanted to make sure it was just me not finding stuff or maybe a bug. Seemed like a bug when I could consistantly find the key and password but not the card, but must just be bad luck.

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:26
by Tamina
Just saw this post and immediatly load up my save, landed on the very first station in sight and found all three temporary items for my very first time.

I have found the password at a bar docking point, the key was at a trading docking point and the card was at a repair docking point.
Might be just a coincidence, but I had a feeling that I would find each of those parts on one specific docking point and it turned out to be correct.
Maybe this helps. :)

However don't mind me, I know the location of every box, case and Kerbal in every interior room in this game.
I have even placed/hidden one of them! ;) :D

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:34
by ty_cho
Yea, i've found them on different docks, or 2 on the same dock, so I dont think it matters. One question though, has anyone tried this in omicron? or are you all in albion?

Posted: Sat, 13. Dec 14, 02:57
by Tamina
Omicron Lyrae.

Just "spent" mine for a discount offer, as I think this is the only really special thing you can do with them.
Everything else like sabotaging repairs and shields is not worth it imho.

It doesn't says how long it lasts, though. However I got 12% and 3% on some wares as a "Preferred customer".

Posted: Mon, 13. Apr 15, 13:02
by Little
I'd just like to dig up this subject and voice my frustration

It's currently far too difficult to find all three because a lot of the time they do not spawn, or not enough of them spawn.

A lot of the usual places are empty sometimes, with entire air vents being empty, and then there's also empty cases & crates everywhere.

I have never been able to hack myself a commision because i've never been able to get more than two ID packages.

Any chance they can up the spawn?

Posted: Mon, 13. Apr 15, 13:04
by CBJ
The problem with digging this up is that any information in the thread is likely to be extremely out of date due to the number of updates and fixes that have been released since it was posted, which could result in a lot of confusion. That's why the forum rules ask people not to do it.

Feel free to start a new thread on the same topic, but please don't dig up ancient ones.