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That's odd.. I don't remember editing that /after/ you posted (I'm sure I edited it within 24hrs of original post).. however np & apologies if I'm wrong! :oops:
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Quawis wrote:
Sat, 27. Feb 16, 22:47
I spent last 6 hours flying all around Albion looking for rare engine mission (I have it crafted already, sitting in my inventory). IIRC, there is a 40% chance that a treasure hunt mission will spawn in zone. Did they change anything or I am that unlucky.

Oh, and yeah - I am searching near station, I don't trust BBS with something that important.
I just Crafted the Engine, and collected the Coolant in Combat, then the Engine Mission Showed up on my list.
I took the items back to the Mechanic, and think he installed the Jump Drive??
How do I activate that Jump Drive?
I don't see it in the Settings Control list, nor the flight screen Commands I have seen.
Thanks for any help.

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Re: [Crafting] XRebirth Secret

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Please don't resurrect an old thread just to ask the same question as you have in your own current thread in this forum.
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