Thommohawk’s Very Strange Adventure in the XRebirth Universe

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Post by Erqco » Thu, 12. Dec 13, 01:58

Please do a longest version!!! :lol:

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Post by kuplo » Thu, 12. Dec 13, 02:12

Great story telling. I actually felt like I was there with you, unlike I feel in the Rebirth universe unfortunately.

Hoping there will be a next segment to this story.

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Post by rpek32 » Thu, 12. Dec 13, 02:19

anton77 wrote: Thanks I be dropping X Rebirth this weekend.Im sure I can pick up X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict at a good price now.
I hopes its better that X Rebirth?
personally for me- yes. you can check the X3 Terran War pack, or X3 Goldbox
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Waiting X4 for PC
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Post by harold5187 » Thu, 19. Dec 13, 21:16

Hey Thommohawk, great read, your a good writer... I love to write as well.

You have a talent for humor, and if I had a video game company of my own, I'd surely hire you to add humor to the game... Humor is very important, in games, and in game manuals.

I was working on a video game ideal for based on the Aliens universe, called, "Aliens: Evoluton", and I included a lot of humor in that ideal..

You know you can hire marines in the X games... You can hire personnel in my game as well, but instead of just a boring menu, where you press buttons to hire them, I would include an advertisement for the position, one of them was for a Marine, and a Colonist...

For the Marine Advertisement I said something like..

"Travel to strange exotic places never before seen UP CLOSE; Be the best of WHAT WE HAVE LEFT"... just an excerpt

And for the Colonist...
"...indigenous native life forms, take one home through our special "Adopt A Homeless Alien" program, he will love you to death!"

I did an advertisement for Weyland Yutani as well...

"Building A Better World starts with a Better YOU!"

Anyway, if you are interested in reading any of it, I can provide it to you...

Great job on the post... keep up the writing...
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Post by Commodore MJ Fire » Sun, 21. Dec 14, 18:04

Version 3.1 out now... :D :D :D
greetings, MJ Fire

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Post by jasonbarron » Sun, 21. Dec 14, 18:30

Commodore MJ Fire wrote:Version 3.1 out now... :D :D :D
greetings, MJ Fire
You should have just let this one stay buried in the silt at the bottom, MJ Fire :D
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Post by pref » Sun, 21. Dec 14, 18:35

Yep, the time is here :D

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Post by ThommoHawk » Mon, 22. Dec 14, 00:39

^ yes. it is. Space Pilot ThommoHawk is waiting to get back to his gaming PC to put the Skunk v.3.1+ through the XREBIRTH hoops once more for a brand new adventure/review, but probably not until after the new year sometime. :)
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