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Posted: Tue, 25. Oct 11, 20:40
by rzadzins
fooka wrote::arrow: bump for a linux version.

Seriously, X2 and X3 are ridiculously complicated games.. can you think of a better demographic than Linux users? I just wish it had been native to begin with..
I have to say I never thought about this, but you are absolutely right!
fooka wrote: Finally, why is everybody so quick to discount the value of a Linux port? In a thread pleading to a closed-source development house to CONSIDER a Linux port (nobody's else is going to plead but gamers, you know), why does it seem like good taste to shoot such pleas down?
Again, agree with you sir. It's just sad. It is not like the original game will become richer if the developers focus on a windows-only version - why? - because so far the main value was coming from the community, and nothing beats the linux community, as you wrote in an earlier post.
tero wrote: LGP (Linux Game Publishing) asked ES to do a port, and ES agreed to that.
I assume every question about Linux versions should go to LGP.
Well, I already wrote them an email how much I enjoyed their Linux ports of X games and asked for TC too, for which I got a thank you letter... Linux bumpers - lets do the same! ;)

Posted: Tue, 25. Oct 11, 23:03
by fooka
also mention Desura

Desura is like Steam, but they have Linux support too..


Posted: Wed, 26. Oct 11, 15:18
by nuclear_eclipse
Have to put my own vote in for a Linux release. X3TC is the only reason I boot up Windows these days.