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Electro, Magnetic, EMP

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Community Extended Mod Pack {EMP} v1.4 & 2.01308AalaarDB272144
[EMP]Extended Mod Pack (2.7 compatible) [Not needed for latest Plugin Manager]193DIGSIN147946
[Script] Medusa Rapid Fire Missile Interface 1.4 19/7/10 [Overhall&EMP Fix]126LV53763
[SCRIPT]----Regenerative Hull Systems----[Updated v1.41: 24-07-06] {EMP}54Kvalyr47659
[SCRIPT] EMP Blast Cannon V1.00 : Update 11/05/200618Cycrow24500
[Script] Electronics Packages v2022 (7 Sept 2011)31arcana7515962
[TC] Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon27Holy Hat Jack5940
Bug: Electro Magnetic Plasma Cannon17JeffreyW755725
[TC] Camparsion between the Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannons11mcsquared4119
Is there anyway to dodge incoming enemy missiles? EMP?18Thorn20043858
Where can i buy THUNDERBOLT OR TEMPEST MISSLES??19AjRyder3684
The beginnings of your EMPIRE19Shooby3373585
[TC] I got me an EEMP!19philip_hughes3554
Any Luck With EEMPC's anyone?16The Happy Trucker3407
[TC] The elusive EEMPC (mild spoiler inside)20Kapakio3379
[TC] Proto type Electro Magnetic plasma cannon18jrd4173332
[TC] EEMPC Forge in Aldrin8Vanguard30003261
[TC] Where to get more Proto MAMLs and EMPCs?21firefly282971
Xenon are sentient, electronic beings. Try this strategy.14Sharktooth2933
Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon11Streaks2912
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Supplying the Terran Aldrin Experimental EMPC Forge M4MrKincaid278
EEMPC woes in X3TC Solved, but not without trying the right way... :D12terryokc2646
ZA_EMP_BLANK Identification12Joubarbe720
[X3AP] Explosive Electronic Storm from the grave! The Claymore7Mazz632
How do I stop my Vidar EMPCs from self-uninstalling3IanFitzJo401
[Steam X3:TC] Spitfyre Turret mounts EMPC instead of EEMPC2sholmas568
EMPC replenishment8interstel627
X3 TC: Is the Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon now impossible to buy?4rumpltumpskin965
[EMP]Extended Mode Pack for AP 2.03madprof1060
[SCRIPT] EMP Missile Protection System (EMPS) v259xprotocol1151
electro magnetic plasma cannon2John McG584
Experimental EMPC (TC 3.0 start patched to 3.1 now)20BarneyMcGrew2220
Aldrin expansion EEMPCs8twilight_echoes795
Where can I buy an Electro Magnetic Cannon Forge?2coolguy646599
Possible noobness on my part, but did EMPCs always have an energy drain effect?11TryckSh0t1145
Buying Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon9Excelsior822289
X EMPC shortage..11Jawms1221
Problem With Sabre Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon15jetforcef221769
Electro Magnetic Plasma Cannon.. where?6hexo2109
[TC] experimental elctro-magnetic pulse cannon16machilleus1957
Electronic format for the X Books?1unknown1520
What are Terran EMP Rifles for?5STL_fpagsc1726
[TC] 130 EMPC = useless?18nponoBegHuk2631
[TC] EEMPC Forge ??6Bill Huntington1557
[TC] EMPCs19cikulisu1906
[WIP][Script] Electronic Diary - looking for ideas for added components.11mark_a_condren1122
[TC] no EMPC factories8johnnywas1233
[TC] Electro magnetic plasma canons18johnnywas2279
[TC] How do I dupe an E-EMPC?10sleepy_head1517
Regular vs Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannons7MrExcitement1303
[TC] My Vidar doesn't like EMPC's in Bay 1 of its turrets5pinguz1446
[TC] where can i buy an EMPC forge?1DrwHem1171
The semi-hidden advantage of EMPCs - How an M4 can trounce an M6 (Battle Report)12aceattacker2060
[TC] EMP Rifles2patrick hazel1580
[TC] EMP Rifles1Vaeo776
[TC] Availability of EEMPC1Venutian775
Electronic Warfare: Covert Ops, Recon. AKA: An excuse to buff Boron.9yourpowersareweakoldman1378
[TC] Possible to obtain Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannons from plot mission?4Infested Adam1188
Terran EMP Rifles and MREs5sirrealist2430
Terran EQs: How about 4x EMPC for sale instead of 2x?12delray2082
[TC] Starburst (PSSC) & Ex. EMPC Questions4Bill Huntington1394
[TC] Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannons4Jallard1203
[TC] Where/How to buy Electro Mag Plasma Cannon7dford81807
EMP and poltergeist - where to buy?5Snowdogjoe1244
[TC] need electro magnetic plasma cannons for vidar from anyplace other than nojump zone3firefly28865
Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) anti-capital ship laser9Angra Mainyu1504
[TC] Enhanced Electro-magnetic pulse cannon (EEMPC)10DaveyP2221
[INFO]Deploy EMP Drone4pelador1616
[MOD WIP] Electronic Warefare13Darkfire12288
Need an EEMP Production Bug get round script.1Devor782
[TC] EMPORERJON ore mine in aladna hill5thejackle1231323
Experimental EMP Weapons and Vidar question19XELA NAMYT2694
suddenly, EEMPCs! four of them!4tracedra1464
Normal EMPCs not available6Pisces11290
[TC] Can't dupe EEMP cannons, or produce them.3firstmate1003
[TC] EMPCs vs Matter/antimatter warheads10Barnsy2688
[HELP] EMP MOD question2Kilrathi Avenger1020
[TC] I want my eEMP2Jimac1154
Terran M2 Osaka does not fight OOS with PSPs and SSCs. EMPs work!1Hob Anagerik1247
Uninstalling EMP?4jollygolly1364
EMP Download3Kwitzak1635
[?] Custom wares / EMP?6Whuppee1475
[Request]Electronic System failure Missiles3jocan20031422
(X2) Post to the world U'r EMPIRE0ha_x21106
EMP/Plugin Manager question2bent1ck997
cant download EMP1lordson788
Corrupt {EMP}?2Cith856
What happens to my Mods, EMP, Ships if I install update 3.016timh19661821
suggestion for new content: Electronic warefare modules.6handy3881343
Help me understand clear about XScript Installer & Script Packager and {EMP}.2Reader81838
Ok EMP installed script editor activated.4timh19661169
EMP (extension mode pack) Download problem !!!4Lokigamo1460
MinimalHud + EMP 1.4 + NoTaxis&Civs + 55KM6arcana751896
Electromagnetic Countermeasures6Danny6691483
pirate ships with EMP?7Ewok^1704