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Incendiary, IBL

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Okracoates Storm is not fun!!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN23Hotpot3836
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X3 Khaak sector unknown objects ***POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING***8Geggo3542
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IBL vs. PPC19cezarip3500
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IBL in X3 AP4Jezmond40980
NOOOO DIS NOT POSIBLE!! (rant)10Skillzfire1265
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IBL Supply31McKenna-x2source1477
How long to build IBL's?7i64man822
Best non-IBL weapons for M7s58Falcrack2971
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Agemmemnon Questions/ How can i get IBLS when pirates/yaki hate me?14kotorone11726
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IBL Forge15i64man3103
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mission bug--POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!0nithilak584
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IBL's ..... how hard can it be?21Sn4kemaster2702
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Losing 14 free IBLs makes for a sad day.23LordForrester2780
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[TC] If I kill an IBL fab does the AI use a TL to replace it?22brucewarren2912
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IBL / PBG Forge6jwigeland1532
[TC] Got IBLs and got confused (1,000,001st thread about Shrike Vs. Tiger)15vradchuk1892
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point singularity projectors vs PPC and IBL11drugfreeboy2949
[TC] question on illigel wares...(IBL + M7)4A25971287
[TC] IBL fab22shireknight3126
Need help with complex hubs "IF POSSIBLE", at WITS END and getting very annoyed. :|27Shadowskull3281
Pirate IBL stations - Respawn?15alt3rn1ty2211
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[TC] The Dukes, Quick money and IBL's!7Arendee2262
[TC] Getting my hands on a Incendiary Bomb Launcher how to?19Hitman xXx3104
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IBL Where?12Anonymous2143
PBG, IBL factory?14boringborons2515
If not PBG, IBL then what?6Skiritai1496
A good substitute for IBLs9Dem0n_Dude1684
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Forget el chupacabre, where's the IBLs?8goodgimp1539
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DID: Tormented Teladi (SPOILERS POSSIBLE)10thejackle1231939
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I believe in IBL's...12Nacrelven2415
[TC] Lost your Vidar and get 6 X IBL or Save Vidar and get 4 X Gj + FAA?12ryeeson2484
What makes IBL so amazing?11Mental_Atom2147
Where to put IBL?2Mental_Atom822
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Free IBL5Mental_Atom1454
Incendiary Bomb Launcher9Abaws2644
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[TC] Joining 2 seperate Complexes- POSSIBLE?3Whitegaurd1079
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Which M1. Turret Question. Messed up flak. Incendiary bombs5tass_bur2243
Incendiary Bomb Launcher5Demolisher 22044
Beefy Box, HORRIBLE performance7amrathe2646
**POSSIBLE SPOILERS**Mission 4 or 5 I think7The Rogue Trader2013
Wharf locations -POSSIBLE SPOILER-4freakishlynormal1316
Beluga or Hammerhead? POSSIBLE SPOILER!8nap_rz2879
Unpiloted Ships. POSSIBLE SPOILERS6The Rogue Trader1915
Mission Help Please (?POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)3richbezza1248
*POSSIBLE SPOILER* help on mission find the dons daughter please9BLACKMANIAC2664
Trading Mk1 & Mk2 extensions HORRIBLY inefficient10Alfred Bester1948
help for mission on X3 (POSSIBLE SPOILER)5anima361443
HELP WITH MISSION IMPOSSIBLE *possible spoiler*7welsh_woody1910
herm - problem? *POSSIBLE SPOILER*19Duriel_LOP2765
A couple of questions... (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)11Anasha2099
BBS Khaak Info - POSSIBLE SPOILER2MonkeyMissile1013
Quick Questions (POSSIBLE SPOILER)7vuohi1808
This patch is TERRIBLE!4gee2089
This game is TERRIBLE!6gee3068